From sand paper through masking tapes to sponges everything what can help you to create a stunning interior with Italian finishes


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microcement kit

Microcement Floor and Wall Kit

10 sqm polished concrete coating for interiors


Loggia Brochure

Colour palette with hand applied samples


CAP Arreghini colour chart

Colour chart with real, hand applied samples

San Marco colour charts

San Marco Catalogue

Brochures with hand-applied samples

Acrylic thin coat render Muriplast


Acrylic Thin Coat Render

Calce lime wash paint


Lime paint for Interiors

Samba Colour Wash


Colour Wash for Italian Plasters


GaGa Glitter

Brilliant additive for plasters and paints



Water-based Italian colour wash for Venetian plasters


Antica Calce

Interior-exterior high quality lime wash


Fibreglass Mesh

For Venetian plasters, resins, microcements and metallic effects


Fine Polishing Cloth 1 sqm


Polishing Lambswool Bonnet


Precision Outdoor Tape


7 Day Indoor Masking Tape


Precision Masking Tape