What Are The Advantages of Lime Paint over Emulsion Paint?

Lime paint and emulsion paint are two distinct types of wall coverings that offer different benefits for interior and exterior surfaces. While emulsion paint, typically a water-based paint used for interior walls, is popular for its ease of application and variety of colours, lime paint provides several unique advantages. 

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Lime Eco over Emulsion

Here’s a detailed look at why lime paint can be a superior choice in certain scenarios:

  1. Natural Ingredients

Lime paint is made from natural lime putty and pigments, making it one of the most eco-friendly paint options. Unlike emulsion paint, which often contains synthetic chemicals and VOCs (volatile organic compounds), lime paint offers a healthier alternative that is free from harmful toxins. This makes lime paint especially suitable for homes and environments where air quality is a priority.


  1. Breathability

One of the key benefits of lime paint is its high breathability. Lime paint allows walls to breathe by permitting moisture to escape the building fabric, thereby preventing the buildup of moisture and reducing the risk of mould and mildew formation. This property is particularly beneficial in older buildings made from materials that naturally contain moisture.


  1. Durability and Longevity

Lime paint is incredibly durable over time. It can calcify to the wall surface, essentially becoming part of the wall. This results in a very durable coating that can last many decades without peeling or flaking off, unlike emulsion paints which might require more frequent touch-ups or repaints due to chipping or peeling.

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  1. Antibacterial Properties

Due to its high pH level, lime paint has natural antibacterial and fungicidal properties. This makes it an excellent choice for bathrooms, kitchens, and other areas susceptible to bacteria and mould growth. It helps maintain cleaner surfaces and a healthier environment overall.


  1. Aesthetic Quality

Lime paint provides a unique aesthetic with a depth of colour and a matte, textured finish that cannot be replicated with emulsion paints. Its natural variation in colour and texture offers a sophisticated and organic look, enhancing the character of any space. Over time, lime paint can develop a beautiful patina, adding to its visual appeal.


  1. Low Maintenance

Once applied, lime paint requires very low maintenance. It doesn’t fade as quickly as emulsion paints and is less likely to show imperfections or marks due to its textured finish. Additionally, minor repairs or touch-ups can be easily blended into the original paint, avoiding the need for repainting entire walls.

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  1. Environmental Impact

Lime paint is more sustainable and environmentally friendly compared to most emulsion paints. It is produced from limestone, a plentiful resource, and the process of turning limestone into lime paint (calcination) reabsorbs CO2, which can make it carbon neutral or even carbon negative in some cases.


  1. Fire Resistance

Lime paint is inherently fire resistant, which can be a significant advantage in reducing fire risk compared to some emulsion paints that may be flammable or emit toxic fumes when exposed to high temperatures



For those looking for an environmentally friendly option with the added benefits of durability, health, and aesthetic appeal, lime paint is an excellent choice over traditional emulsion paints. Its properties make it particularly suitable for use in historic buildings, eco-conscious projects, and anywhere where moisture and mould resistance is necessary. Lime paint not only contributes to the structural longevity of walls but also supports a healthier living environment.

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Click here to purchase a Lime Eco colour chart!

Click here to purchase Lime Eco paint!


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