Dave, is not only a specialist in the fields of high-end Italian plasters and paint effects, but also does training courses since 2015.

Dave specialises in high-quality feature walls and ceilings for commercial and private projects and offers many stunning metallic, polished and Venetian plaster finishes!

Area of Expertise

  • Polished plaster
  • Textured plaster effects in bespoke colours
  • Special metallic finishes
  • Logos, motifs and bespoke design with Venetian plaster


When you work with Dave you’ll have access to 20 + years of plastering and building experience, combined with many years of experience in Italian finishes. Dave is a specialist when it comes to commercial project requirements, tenders and samples

Areas They Cover

Can travel internationally


Q & A

How long have you been in business and what finishes do you offer?

I have been in the Venetian plastering and Italian finish industry for more than 5 years and I offer all plaster and paint finishes available by Impera Italia. I have my bespoke selection and all the standards (smooth Marmorino, travertine, etc) available.

Why have you chosen to work with Impera Italia?

As I trained using Impera Italia’s products I found their customer service friendly and very helpful, so I continue to only deal with them. If I have a question or a client that requests a bespoke solution they’re always happy to help.


What’s your favourite product from the Impera Italia decor selection and why?

Apart from the Italian plasters I love their Gimcyn, so simple but so very effective.


What’s your signature style, the finishes you offer and like?

My signature style is Marmarino (many different looks and colours) as that’s what I’m most known for, but my favourite is San Marco’s Grassello Di Calce and the Venetian by Cap Arreghini. They’re timeless, luxurious and elegant that will never tire over the times.


Why should people choose your company’s services, what’s the greatest advantage of working with you and your company?

As being in the plastering trade for over 20 years being respectful and courteous and helpful are second nature to me, I will always go above and beyond to help all my clients get the finish they want from their vision to real life in their homes.