Gualtiero Meazza


Cera Novecento was created in 1985 in Trivero.

The company focuses on making sure that each product responds to a specific need and all are the result of passionate and patient research. The ingredients are carefully selected from precious and natural raw materials such as virgin beeswax and vegetable essences.


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Wax D’Arte

Synthetic paste wax for decorative plaster

£36.00 View
black wax venetian plaster

Black Venetian Plaster Wax

Synthetic paste wax for decorative plaster

£24.00 View
Italian metallic lustre waxes

Italian Metallic Lustre Waxes

Metallic wax effects for textured plasters

£20.40 View
X925 wax remover for solvent based waxes

Wax Remover for Venetian plaster

Removers for water and solvent-based waxes

FROM £32.40 View