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Fibreglass Mesh

For Venetian plasters, resins, microcements and metallic effects

FROM £1.50 View
Muriplast thin coat render exterior


Acrylic Thin Coat Render

FROM £10.50 View


Lime paint for Interiors

FROM £17.63 View

Antica Calce

Interior-exterior high quality lime wash

FROM £19.00 View
Colour Wash Feature Wall Samba


Colour Wash for Italian Plasters

FROM £34.00 View
Gaga Glitter Gold

GaGa Glitter

Brilliant additive for plasters and paints

£9.00 View

Fine Polishing Cloth 1 sqm

To spread waxes and Italian designer effects

£6.50 inc. Vat £7.80 View

Polishing Lambswool Bonnet

£6.65 inc. Vat £7.98 View

Fine Line Flexible Masking Tape 3mm

Durable thin line tape for stencils and fine details

£3.70 inc. Vat £4.44 View

Fine line masking tape

Flexible Japanese paper tape in 6 and 10mm width

FROM £3.50 View

Low Tack Precision Tape

£7.10 inc. Vat £8.52 View

Precision Masking Tape

£6.20 inc. Vat £7.44 View

Flexible Creped Masking Tape

£4.90 inc. Vat £5.88 View

7 Day Indoor Masking Tape

FROM £3.40 View

Precision Outdoor Tape

£8.20 inc. Vat £9.84 View


Water-based Italian colour wash for Venetian plasters

FROM £25.00 View