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Continuo Deco base coat for microcement

Continuo Base

Base coat for Microcement

FROM £45.00 View


Anti-crack coating for Italian decorative products

£32.00 View

Fibreglass Mesh

For Venetian plasters, resins, microcements and metallic effects

FROM £1.50 View
Universal Primer for Interior Italian paints and Venetian plasters

Universal Primer

Smooth primer for interior finishes

FROM £8.50 View
wall fixative


Indoor-outdoor wall and ceiling fixative

FROM £14.50 View

Pro Link

Primer for nonabsorptive surfaces like tiles and ceramics

FROM £26.30 View

Unifix Fine Primer

Extra-strong bond interior-exterior primer with grain

FROM £13.50 View

Marcotherm Primer

Exterior-interior high penetration primer with grit

FROM £14.90 View
CAP Primer Top

Primer TOP

Water-based Primer for interior and exterior

FROM £12.50 View

Wall Stucco

Venetian Rasature skim coat plaster

FROM £25.00 View


Lightweight Italian paste filler

£8.60 View