Sealers, waxes, sealants, resins and special protectors for every Italian finish, Venetian plaster and decorative effect


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Groove Iridescent Coloured Waxes

Semi-transparent shimmery water-based effects

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Patina Metallic Wax

Water-based synthetic metallic waxes

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Decorfilm protector


Water-based protective coating for Italian finishes

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Wax D’Arte

Synthetic paste wax for decorative plaster


Cera All’Aqua

Natural soap wax for decorative plasters

Italian metallic lustre waxes

Italian Metallic Lustre Waxes

Metallic wax effects for textured plasters

X925 wax remover for solvent based waxes

Wax Remover for Venetian plaster

Removers for water and solvent-based waxes