Venetian plaster and Microcement trowels, polished plaster spatulas, special effect tools and rollers, brushes for every finish and effect


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844 gold of venice polished plaster trowel

Gold Of Venice Polished Plaster Trowel

Stainless steel finishing trowel for Venetian plaster


Japanese stainless steel trowel 0.3 mm

Flexible special application trowel


Reinforced Plastic Trowel

For renders, large-grain plasters and floors

Flexible Plastic Trowel

Flexible Plastic Trowel 1mm

For special finishes and fine coats


Texture Brush

For Italian metallic paints and decorative plasters

Come Special Effect Rollers

Special Effect Rollers

For various animal skins


Sponge Roller

Special effect tool for Italian paints and plasters


Steel Mixing Blade

For Venetian plasters, polished plaster and paints


Italian Special Effect Brush

Semi-hard natural brushes for colour washes, metallic effects


Pad for Travertine and Pitted Effects

Italian special effect tool for Venetian plasters


Polyurethane Trowel

Finishing trowel for renders and large-grain decorative plasters


Sponges for Decorative Finishes

For application of colour washes, metallic effects and paints


Trowel for External Sharp Angles

Special application tool for decorative plasters


Trowel for Internal Sharp Angles

A tool for a fine seamless finish


Cat Tongue Trowel

Special application trowel for fine details


Filling Trowel