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II Corrod Rust Paint Effect Metal Staircase


Rust Effect Paint Kit for 5SQM

£85.00 inc. Vat £102.00 View
Colour Wash Feature Wall Samba


Colour Wash for Italian Plasters

FROM £34.00 View

Pearly Wax

Water-based synthetic metallic waxes

FROM £19.00 View

Patina Metallic Wax

Water-based synthetic metallic waxes

FROM £47.90 View

Groove Iridescent Coloured Waxes

Semi-transparent shimmery water-based effects

FROM £41.60 View
Gaga Glitter Gold

GaGa Glitter

Brilliant additive for plasters and paints

£9.00 View

My Art

Colour-shifting decorative effect

FROM £8.00 View

Roxidan Perla

Paint with oxidized metallic look

£60.00 View


Water-based Italian colour wash for Venetian plasters

FROM £25.00 View
Come Special Effect Rollers

Special Effect Rollers

For various animal skins

£24.50 View
SM3790019 San Marco Cadoro Bianco

Cadoro Bianco

Brilliant White Iridescent Paint

FROM £30.00 View