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Mætal by Impera Italia is a magnificent resinous plaster with metal particles that can create the look of real metal on walls, floors, ceilings and even furniture. This liquid metal finish comes in a variety of shades and can be applied by trowel, spatula or with one of our special application, semi-hard brushes.

You can apply Mætal on its own or as a part of other decorative finishes (like a stencilled effect on Venetian plasters); it only needs polishing to achieve the look of real metal.

This multi-component resinous metallic finish is also suitable for exteriors, enabling the applicator to create signs, fine details of shopfronts or houses and other decorative features. Surfaces coated with Mætal are medium-washable (no strong detergents or scrubbing should be used), have strong tactile and rubbing resistance and are resistant to fungus & bacteria.


How to Apply Mætal

Before applying this resinous plaster on its own on absorbent surfaces, use our high-end surface consolidator Atomo, using the correct dilution (see the Atomo tech sheet). Leave it to dry at least for 3 hours (ideal is 4-6).

To get the right result Mix Metal Comp A with Metal Comb B in the proper ratio (depending on the colour of the finish) using a scale and stir it to achieve a homogenised mixture. Once you have the mix add the Mætal powder Comp C to it and stir again. Mix only as much material as you are able to use within 30 minutes.

Apply the mixture in a thin coat using a Venetian plastering trowel, spatula or semi-hard brush. Make sure to apply as much as to completely cover the area.

Clean tools with water immediately after use.

The drying time of this liquid metal finish up to 5 hours, depending on the thickness.

Repeat the whole process when applying a 2nd coat.

When the 2nd coat is completely dry you must sand the surface gradually, starting with 80 G sanding discs followed by 120G, 180 G, 240 G, 320 G, 400 G, 600 G, 1000 G, 2000 G and 4000 G (you can purchase a pre-packaged set of sanding discs perfect for your MÆTAL project here).

This step essential for creating the finished metal look. We highly recommend using an orbital MIRKA sanding machine with attached sanding discs 150mm to achieve the best possible look, however, you can also use them by hand.


Impera Italia’s Advice

For fine details and stencils always use our high-quality tapes like our Tesa or Tamiya tapes. A fine metal-resin finish deserves the best tools.



As we formulated Mætal with a special resin it doesn’t rust.


Colour: varies (bronze, brass or aluminium)
Coverage: 1sqm (2x 0.5 sqm)
Number of coats: 1-2 coats

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