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Changing temperatures, sunlight, wind, and moisture when doing outdoor painting, venetian plastering and varnishing makes stringent demands of the masking and protection solutions used. Thanks to this special UV resistant tape from TESA, untidy painted edges due to peeling masking tapes and adhesive residues after removal are now a thing of the past. During renovation work on façades or polished venetian plaster, surfaces such as window frames and wood and metal exterior coverings are at particular risk. This masking tape is specifically tailored to these uses offer dependable protection for these areas during exterior work on buildings. Can be left on the surface for up to 8 weeks without leaving tape residue.

25mm x 50 m


FEATURES: A washi masking tape, made from Japanese rice paper. Balanced adhesive strength for sensitive and also slightly rough surfaces, ideal for venetian plaster. Easy to remove without leaving tape residue and without damaging the surface. Slightly transparent backing for accurate positioning. Thin but particularly tear-resistant backing UV resistant for up to 8 weeks Size: 25 mm x 50 m Country of origin: Germany

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