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Our Brands

An exclusive range of Italian brands offering sophisticated decor with Venetian plaster and other decorative plasters, metallic finishes and special effects

Cap Arreghini

Cap Arreghini's lime-based, natural products like the Venetian, a natural polished plaster, Marmorino Fino and Travertino are well-known for their richness and workability, their decorative paint selection (like Mania, Damask and Mineral) offer outstanding opacity and easy application.

CAP, based in Portogruaro, Venice is a UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 quality certified Italian company offering decorative products (Venetian plaster, metallic finishes, paints) since 1950, and it's name quickly became synonymous with continuous improvement and quality. The 15000 sqm main factory of CAP produces and uses 'Made in Italy' in every sense and works with an exceptional environmental policy.

Impera Italia established an especially close relationship with CAP to offer the best, natural, water-based wall and ceiling finishes for any project or budget worldwide.

San Marco

Colorificio San Marco's products are of the highest industrial quality and incomparable look and have been specified extensively for restorations, interiors and exteriors since it's founding in 1962.

This Venice-based manufacturer constantly strives to deliver durable and beautiful finishes and manufactures an extensive range of special paints and Venetian plasters like Marmorino and Grassello di Calce, Acrysil decora or Stucco Veneziano for professionals and DIY worldwide. An extensive colour range, eco-friendly lime finishes and stunning effects will all help you to create an unforgettable ambience.

San Marco became well known in the United Kingdom and on the English-speaking market through Marco Polo Decor and Impera Italia is honoured to continue it's tradition of offering original Venetian finishes as the only official distributor in the UK.


Loggia Industria Vernici's decorative selection is for the curious, the explorers, for those who fell in love with modern Italian design.

With a groundbreaking selection, Loggia -established in 1998- instantly became an internationally known source of special finishes, and continues to deliver outstanding decor with finishes like Plasma 3D, liquid Marmorino and metallic effects. This family-owned, ISO 9001:2000 quality certified business, based in Sabaudia, Italy continues to amaze the world with new application methods, durable finishes and an ever-increasing range, but also have arguably the largest and most dedicated Venetian plaster applicator network in Italy.

Impera Italia is proud to be Loggia's key partner on the English-speaking market and presents their products as key features in every concept shop and showroom.


Colorificio Sammarinese offers an exquisite selection of designer paints, plasters and metallic finishes since 1944.

Colsam works closely with multinational clients like the International Motorcycling Federation and is one of the few worldwide brands to have it's own national stamp. The company's values have been built on family values and the traditions of the Republic of San Marino and these launched it from it's humble beginnings as a small family company to an icon of quality decoration.

The cooperation of Impera Italia and Colsam is based on the common values of quality, responsibility and reliability with the goal to introduce San Marino's decor to the English-speaking markets and clients.


Candis, the producer of the famous 'Antiche Terre Fiorentine'-line develops new, groundbreaking decorative products in Turin since 1969.

Candis' key values of excellence, innovation and design ensure that the final look is of the highest standard; an 8000 sqm central manufacturing plant, well-developed traditional and modern application methods work together seamlessly to satisfy specific project needs.

Impera Italia is a key partner of Candis regarding the distribution and marketing of bespoke effects for high-end domestic and commercial developments where the 'special touch' is a must.


Our Products

An extensive selection of Italian special decoration products catering for any project

Venetian Plasters

Venetian Plasters

Venetian plasters like Stucco Veneziano, Stucco Lucido, Grassello di Calce, Lucidato, Marmorino, Travertino, Intona, Intonachino and many others

Metallic Finishes

Metallic Finishes

Italian decorative finishes that come in an amazing variety: textured and smooth, pearly, iridescent, transparent effects and a range of colour washes

Surface Preparation

Surface Preparation

A range of primers, base coats and preparation plasters to ensure a durable and highly resistant finish for your feature walls



Sealers, waxes, sealants, resins and special protectors for every Italian finish, Venetian plaster and decorative effect



Venetian plaster and Microcement trowels, polished plaster spatulas, special effect tools and rollers, brushes for every finish and effect

Other Products

Other Products

From sand paper through masking tapes to sponges everything what can help you to create a stunning interior with Italian finishes

Your Colour is our Mission

With a fleet of colouring machines we can find, develop or match any unique colour for your high end interior

Price Match Guarantee

After we verify we meet or beat any price for an exact like for like product, from polished plasters to finishing trowels (See T&C)

If We Don’t Have It, We Find It

Any type or make of Venetian plaster or Italian decor product

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Contact us for a quote to deliver any quantity of decorative plaster or any other of our products to the country of your choice

Latest Products

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