Is Venetian Plaster Outdated?


On the contrary, it has undergone a renaissance several times, as its value has been 100% proven and appreciated, and its techniques refined.  Citizens are returning again to traditional materials and methods for ensuring high quality and sustainability, especially in times of climate uncertainty.   

Some inferior composites have been used as a temporary economy but have created much disappointment after a few months have elapsed.  Other styles of décor will naturally be invented in due course.  But we can observe a positive trend when a truly excellent product is being widely recognised and deservedly holds a secure place on the market.




Once, wallpaper was the accepted and prestigious solution for covering interior walls, with a wide range of designs and prices – but often such a great drama to hang it properly, with all the difficulties involved in evenly glueing and aligning long strips of it.  And while detailed, repeating patterns were once popular, now it’s generally considered preferable to have a plain background to mount focused images on, which can be changed easily if desired, as in a gallery.

Venetian plastering methods without doubt offer the most elegant solutions for domestic or commercial premises, a clear statement of integrity.  A stimulus and a harbour like no other, conveying a sensation of timelessness.  Fashions may come and go if that is what you prefer, but the quality is intrinsic and universally understood on instinctive levels.   

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