Return Policy

Returns Policy

Our Returns Policy forms part of our Terms and Conditions of Sale and should be used and read in conjunction with that document. We reserve the right to change our Returns Policy at any time.


Paint colours and Custom colours

All paints that come in a colour are bespoke products, mixed to your requirements. Such orders (paints, plasters that come in any colour except the ‘uncoloured’ ‘white base’ ‘0170’ ‘0160’ ‘0150’ ‘0190’, ‘crystal’, ‘diamond’ and ‘0180’ bases that do not have any added colourants) can not be cancelled and are exempt from cancellation law (Consumer Contracts Regulations). We are also unable to accept returns of coloured paints, except if the product is found to be faulty. For further details see the faulty items section below.

Please see our colour accuracy statement below, related to any coloured product purchased from Impera Italia.

Please also carefully note application and site conditions advice on the respective product pages and the Technical Datasheets. We can not be held responsible for applying faulty paints or a colour which does not meet your requirements., nor for any delivery or other delay. For the product to be returnable it must be unused and whole (in case of bundles it must consist of all the parts).

Please see below our policy regarding damaged or incorrect orders.


Returns of ready-mixed white paints, primers and painting accessories

If you are a customer based in the EU, you have certain rights under the  Consumer Contracts Regulations (in effect since 3 June 2014, before that known as Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000 (DSRs)).

You have the right to return or exchange any unopened and unused white paint, primers and/or painting accessories, provided that you give us written notice within 14 working days from the day you accepted the delivery of your order.

You must notify our customer service team in writing of your wish to return or exchange your order by emailing [email protected] or writing to our postal address.

As soon as we receive your written notice, our customer service team will contact you to confirm the return/exchange, return delivery arrangements and any refund due.

All items must be returned unused, sealed (if applicable) and in their original condition.

Please note that you must cover the cost of the return (which needs to be a tracked service), unless the item is incorrect or faulty, see below. Failure to do so or if you’d like us to arrange return will result in return shipment costs (and any additional fees) being deducted from any refund.

We strongly recommend that beside booking a tracked service you insure the return shipment as you are under a duty to take reasonable care of the goods and will be liable for any damage to them until we receive them. Please retain proof of postage (tracking number and receipt), in case of a dispute.

Refunds will be issued in full, unless the items are incorrect or faulty, including shipping costs of original purchase (if all items on the order have been returned), within 30 days of receiving your notice of cancellation. If any agreement is made for the return of products with a member of our team, the items must be shipped by the customer within 7 working days of the agreement being made, alternatively, a new return request will need to be submitted.


Damaged or faulty orders

Please check your order carefully immediately upon accepting the delivery.

Denting to the metal and plastic tins and minor leaks can occur during transit and these do not constitute a damaged/ faulty product. We do not offer refunds for dented tins nor for minor leaks, which do not materially affect the performance of the product.

You must advise us in writing to our postal address or by email to [email protected] of any damage(s) or incorrect items on the day your delivery is received. Please retain all packaging in case your items need to be returned and it is essential that you keep the box and any damaged containers. so we can forward evidence to the shipping agents. Failure to do so will mean we will deem your order to have been delivered correctly and you will have waived all rights to claim for replacement or credit. Please ensure you quote your full order number in your correspondence and send us an image of the box, with the top and sides clearly seen and all the goods taken out of the box with the labels clearly seen.

Please note that if any items are delivered, to an alternate location or left without a signature, it is still your responsibility to ensure goods have been delivered correctly and that you have notified us of any problems on the day of delivery as stated above. Bear in mind that delivery to a neighbour, secure location or the signature of the delivery driver in case of COVID deliveries constitutes as a valid delivery.

Credit for items will be issued within 14 days once the claim has been validated and the items have been returned for inspection, alternatively, we send out replacements without delay.


Incorrect or wrong orders

If we deliver the wrong colour, size or product please bear in mind that our intention is that you receive the correct goods, in a timely manner. We will also do our best to resolve the issue for you without delay. On the rare occasion that you receive the wrong goods (incorrect colour, size or item) these would need to be sent back first, we can only send the correct items out once we received and checked them. Incorrect orders can either be put into the post by you, in this case, please send us the receipt and we can refund the full postage or we can send a courier to you who can pick up the parcel between 8 am and 6 pm on a workday that’s suitable for you. If you choose the latter you will need to notify us about your availability at least 2 days in advance and please make sure that you are able to hand over the parcel to the courier. Parcels can not be left unattended for pickup. You will not need to label it but will need to write the delivery address and consignment number on your parcel(s). We appreciate your understanding and as soon as we receive the wrong items and confirm that they are unused and whole we can send the correct goods out.


Faulty items

We will replace or credit any goods found to be faulty provided you have notified us in writing to our postal address or emailing [email protected] within 14 working days of taking delivery of your order.

Faulty products need to be returned to us, then the item(s) will be inspected by us and/or the manufacturer and if necessary sent away for analysis. This can take as long as 30 days, this timeframe does not affect your statutory rights. If the product is deemed to be of an unacceptable standard, we will offer you a replacement or refund. Credit, refund or replacement for items will be issued within 14 days once the claim has been validated.


Colour accuracy statement

Colours might vary between batches of the same product, and also, they generally (slightly) vary from the colour swatch, colour card, colour sample product or the same colour in an alternate product. Due to the reflective nature of our paints (they reflect the surroundings and light) and the natural nature (containing natural materials that vary depending on mining location and time) of our plasters the look will always change. Colours should only be chosen after sampling of the appropriate quantity (minimum 1 litre of paint or 5 kilos of plaster for any project larger than 10 square metres).

Please also carefully note application and site conditions advice on the respective product pages and the Technical Datasheets. Also, you are responsible for ensuring that the paint is applied correctly, we can not accept responsibility for faults arising from the incorrect application or site conditions.

Prior to placing your order with us, you should carefully consider the information about the Goods (in particular, paints, plasters and other decorative effects) which is available to you. The colours displayed on your computer monitor may not be true indications of the actual colour of the material. The colours presented on the website feature the colours of the real, applied product on 1 thick coat, but due to the natural nature of the products and differences between displays, the real colours might be slightly different. You should order a sample board or the minimal sample quantity of the material prior to making an order. The sample boards represent a double coat smooth application of the matched decorative plaster, paint or special effect, without any protectors.

All sample boards feature the selected product with the selected colour, but due to the differences between applications and because of the natural nature of the materials, there can be a colour deviation of 6.5 ΔE between the sample board and the final purchased product. Also, substrate and protectors might further change the appearance. Sample boards are applied with 1kg to 5kg of the mixed product and therefore, colours might slightly change when large quantities are purchased.

Due to the nature of the materials in the Goods we supply, you are advised to order enough quantities to complete a project as the colour may vary from one batch to another.
Please note that the final appearance and colour of paint, plaster or decorative effect will depend on a number of factors including the surface on which the paint is applied. Protective options (waxes, resins), colour washes and other effects (including, but not limited to mica, semi-transparent effect coatings, etc.) applied will also change the final look.

Decorative plasters (Venetian plasters including, but not limited to any lime, acrylic, siloxane-based, etc product), paints, effects, waxes act as decorative coatings only (and generally, when properly applied don’t create a coat thicker than 1.5mm) and do not endure cracks, scratches, staining, intentional or accidental damage, mechanical or thermal movement.

Please be aware that due to the natural nature of the materials we can not ensure colour accuracy. All colours presented on our website are indicative and we advise you to buy a single KG or Litre of the product before placing a larger order. Also, please make sure to place an order for ALL the materials of your project in one go as this ensures that the same batch is used and colours will not differ. Finally, we advise you not only to VERY thoroughly mix any materials provided by us, but to put them together to ensure there is no difference between the colour of certain pots due to the above-mentioned factors, improper mixing, etc. Make sure to consult and use the services of a specialist for any installation to ensure the consistency and level of the look. We do not guarantee the look as it is not an inherent property of high-end decor materials but the result of the proper application.

Products ordered in larger quantity may be combined into a larger tub. That does not affect quantity and quality and can not form the basis of any complaint, return or refund. Mixing and portioning the materials is the responsibility of the buyer or user. Also, please be aware that there can be a slight difference between the stated amount of materials and the measurable quantity to a maximum of 10% in case of paints and primers and 5% of plasters. This is a standard due to the manufacturing processes in the painting industry and does not change the nature of the contract nor does not invalidate it and can not form the basis of a return or complaint.

Last reviewed and updated on 06/12/2020