About Us

Our values, goals and visions


Since 2010, Impera Italia has been in the market of Italian decorative products. We work with some of the best-known, and most respected suppliers from around Italy. Our Impera Italia line of decorative products are manufactured in England using the finest Italian materials and these are a significant part of our main product offering for wall decoration. Being this involved in the industry allows us to offer a vast selection of luxury décor materials that spans multiple product types.

Our core ranges are Venetian Plasters, special effect paints, renders, as well as microcement.

Although many of our products are aimed at wall decoration, certain offerings like our microcement have a wide range of different uses, including walls, floors and worktops. Our product range is ever expanding and evolving as we seek to tailor our products to the ever changing needs of the UK market.

Our materials come in different varieties. A large part of these are lime-based. These are natural and non-damaging to the environment. Others are acrylic, and more tailored to achieving extremely high gloss finishes, which are a favourite of the modern décor scene. These plasters can be applied in many different ways, many of which can be seen on the samples that are placed around our showroom. Metallic paints also help to add a new layer of sophistication and style which can take the decor in a room to a whole new level.

Our many Italian connections also allow us the flexibility of bringing specific products from a wide range of other manufacturers, in order to meet the needs of even the most demanding projects.

The questions is; why do we pursue such ambitious targets for our product range, and try to offer such an endless array of products on our website?

Our vision has always been clear and simple. Introduce people to the timeless beauty and style of Italian decor. To do this, we wanted to curate a range of materials that would enable consumers in the UK to bring a touch of traditional craft, to modern interiors, whilst making sure that every taste and desire was fulfilled.

Not only that, they would also be made available directly to the people that craved for them most, from tradespeople that learnt to apply these in our own training courses within the UK, to designers and architects with an eye for traditional, handmade features.

Thirteen years on, our extensive experience is put to best use when we work together with our clients, by providing them with the tools and support they need to really push their boundaries, in the pursuit of creating wonderful, modern spaces for their clients.

Our main values as a company is our focus. This underpins the goals we strive to achieve each day. Increase our product offering, reach more people, create new and exciting products which are easier to use and more tailored to the UK market.

Our biggest strength is our knowledge. Extensive market research and hands-on, on-site experience has provided our team with a wealth of knowledge. We don’t aim to keep anything to ourselves. Whether it be in our courses, to any clients coming to our showroom to ask questions, we aim to provide people with the maximum support, to ensure that they can carry out any work with the confidence that they are prepared and will be able to succeed. We are also available for technical support should people need us whilst they are carrying out projects.