About Us

Our values, goals and visions


“Who are we? A team of specialists committed to delivering the ‘breathtaking’ for your home or project.”

Peter, Brand Manager

Brands like Armani, Gucci, Ferrari and Prada have always been inspirations for taste, elegance and refined look in the world of design and aesthetics for us and as the Italian high-end decor brands were virtually unknown in the UK in 2010 we decided to introduce a variety of products to trade, designers and architects to decorate the walls and ceilings of private properties, shops and other commercial projects.

“We love what we do; our passion is the guarantee that our customers will be pleased with the services and the provided look.”

Dian, Warehouse Team Leader

The past few years we developed new, innovative methods of presenting high-end decor from live trade show demos to offering a limited selection in specialist paint stores, tested hundreds of products from dozens of manufacturers and eventually decided to present the first five with the belief that it will cater to every taste and budget.

“We thrive on special requests and bespoke projects; If it wouldn’t be challenging it wouldn’t be fun!”

Fabrizio, Sales Manager

By the end of 2013, with consistent service, a wide range of colours (colouring of natural materials is always a challenge), an ever-increasing selection and exceptional stock we became the source of special decor effects for many important clients in Europe and overseas. We are proud that we are being contacted to match ancient marbles, special finishes and unusual durability requirements from all over the world every week!

“I’m proud to be a small part of a company which delivers the best possible service in an industry, with the complete, high-level technical background needed.”

Miro, Technical Director

Our buyers and sales team visits every important trade show in the UK and Italy to offer not just the new products but also the new methods and solutions. Our internal development system allows our team to build on unique skills and abilities and to channel these through excellent customer service into a great final result.

“A top-class finish needs high-end products so our aim is to deliver quality, as fast as possible.”

Dima,  Senior Technician

In 2015, after 5 years of growing success, we decided to present all the possibilities through one -exceptional- website to allow the wider public to enjoy the finishes which until now were only available to a few. Our vision of elegant, inspired Italian interiors all over the world is becoming a reality, and we hope that you will become a member of the movement! Furthermore, we would like to invite you to visit one of our concept shops (and maybe have a wonderful ristretto), see the projects featured on our website or call one of our offices to discover the world of Italian high-end decor for yourself.



Three facts about us

Our main value: focus

Our biggest strength: our knowledge

Our vision: refined Italian decor and feature walls, available for and known by the wider public