How long does Venetian plaster last?

Venetian stucco has become a legend in the world of historic interior design. The first comment that must be made is that this traditional plaster has withstood
many decades with favorable conditions, and like any other comparable product, this essentially depends on: a tested mix of ingredients, effective tools for application and a 100% properly prepared substrate for the plaster to be overlaid on. Without these being factored into the equation, together with patient artisans who will work thoroughly from beginning to end of the entire process, the life span of the plaster will be correspondingly reduced.

So, taking all previous factors into consideration, it means you really do need an experienced Venetian Plasterer for your project. Without question, Venetian plaster is guaranteed to be a durable product. This enviable value derives largely from its quality of being breathable, therefore flexible/adjustable to common changes in the domestic environment. It is also frequently strengthened with marble dust, a by-product of the Italian quarries.

venetian plaster texture
venetian plaster texture


However, it must be stressed that the dressing of walls is a matter of architectural construction, even though the result to the average client may appear cosmetic. A recce needs to be done of atmospheric conditions and structural factors in general. Then any modifications required need to be attended to before the plaster type is selected.

In between applications, enough time has to be allowed for drying out to avoid later complications such as cracking, and the potential need to reapply one or more new surfaces.