Is Venetian plastering expensive ?

All high-quality products have their corresponding costs: this is just impossible to avoid. Good tools are essential too but do not have to be expensive. The bottom line is, that you get what you are prepared to pay for. Prices within this sector will vary, but not a great deal.

With the current rise in prices of natural materials, all building and interior décor products will inevitably undergo a rise, though we hope to keep this minimal. Other forms of plastering may cost more in the long run, as they are less durable.
In Venetian plastering, there are a few factors that affect the actual price of an application: the type of Venetian plaster itself and the type of application. Certain types of Venetian Plaster require only a couple of coats whereas others may require three, four, or even more. The type of application is a key factor that can seriously affect the price of the plastering itself. In any case, while the skills of the applicator affect the timeframe and final outcome, all methods require time to execute. As with any job that is labour-intensive, this will affect the price.




Straight and smooth walls will always be cheaper (per msq) than surfaces with plenty of internal and external corners: types of applications requiring lots of preparation, such as taping and covering, will add to the overall cost. Application to heights will also add to preparation costs, as most Venetian Plaster applications cannot be executed from a ladder (from a technical perspective)
Finally, as a discerning client, if you want a guaranteed look on your wall – there are not so many specialists out there to deliver it. Your specialist must be able to advise on surface preparation, a suitable product and application for your selected area, and finally, future maintenance. In general, the detailed dimensions together with multi-layering, multi colours, and professional knowledge always cost more. However, you won’t remember the cost you paid after a couple of years, but you’ll be enjoying the spectacular look for a couple of decades at least.




At Impera Italia, we do have periodic offers and make ourselves available to give advice not only on technique but on managing costs for your project. We respect our products and know their history, and like to combine this with a spirit of generosity. Please view our website for an overall idea of product pricing. If you are in the area, feel free to drop by. We can supply provisional quotes for areas of coverage on demand.