Create Industrial Chic Interior Design, with Concrete Paint!

Modern interiors seem to be getting more and more popular. When it comes to the minimalistic, contemporary approach to design, we think of clean lines, neutral tones and natural materials. However, the adventurous decorators like to take the creative process a bit further and add a little edge and rawness to their space, by embracing the actual construction of the building, and putting it on the forefront of their design. That’s how Industrial Chic was born.

What are the origins of Industrial Chic?

Whilst the name can seem very new age and trendy, the style goes back a few decades. There are a couple of different theories on how this particular design concept came about, but either way, Industrial chic has found its roots in old factories and warehouses that were converted into flats.

Andy Warhol himself lived in one of these flats. As he was a well-known artist, he held quite a few parties, which were attended by the elite of the art world at the time. We could say that he contributed largely to the popularisation of the concept.

Today, when we think of these buildings, we don’t think of the cold and abandoned atmosphere, but rather the bohemian, artistic side of city life.

If you are interested in incorporating some of the edgy, cool elements of the design, or you want to redecorate all together, take a look at some of the top tips we have!

Concrete paint Look interior design

At Impera Italia, we have clients, both from and outside of the industry who come to us with very specific projects in mind.

We are well-versed in helping to source the products for wall finishes that complement the overall concept and design our clients want to achieve.

The concrete look for a semi-industrial feel has been one of the most popular requests, therefore, we make sure to have a selection of quality products that are versatile enough to be used in all different kinds of projects.

If you want to know how to achieve the Industrial Chic look and what products you will need, keep on reading!


What exactly is Industrial Chic?

 Industrial chic is a design concept that was inspired by the raw look of old utility buildings. These elements include exposed brick walls, concrete flooring, the metal structure and so on. Basically, what designers aim to cover up in a lot of buildings (especially property developers working on converting these into residential properties), is what makes the industrial chic, industrial so to speak.

It is a very minimalistic and eco-friendly approach to design, given that these elements are already present and don’t need to be added. It saves you the time and money you would spend on covering up everything. And because of the edginess that is already present in the architecture, the furnishing tends to be minimalistic as well. To create an industrial look, it’s best to embrace the vintage, slightly weathered textures and fabrics.


What do you need to create an Industrial Chic Interior Design?

To create this type of interior, it all depends on where you start from. People who already live in a converted loft won’t need much other than the furnishing. For them, it’s relatively easy and fun to look around in some vintage marketplaces or online, and find furniture and accessories that help create a laid-back atmosphere.

However, if you start from scratch, these are the elements you need to think of incorporating.

Think Neutral

As far as the base colours, there is no need to overthink it. The more grey and neutral tones you have the better. If there are elements that are not necessarily of the same colours, but complement the style you want to create, then it’s best to leave it! It’s also good to think of some accent colours, but stick to natural colours as much as possible.

Add texture

What can make a big difference in these large spaces, is the smart use of different textures! Don’t hesitate to add some wood, preferably one that has a raw, weathered feel to it. If it has some metal elements as well, it’s a bonus!

Add some warmth

Because the industrial look requires you to sort of “leave everything as it is”, it’s good to still think of ways that add a level of warmth to the room, whilst still fitting in the Industrial Chic aesthetic. Adding some leather furniture, rugs and throw pillows made of fabrics like linen, can elevate the decor, without looking out of place. Best is to browse the vintage shops, or look around the items you already own to see what would suit the place!

Go easy on accessorising

For home accessories, there is really no need to spend much. It’s better to pay extra attention to the little details you actually need, such as cage lights or opting for bare Edison Bulbs. However, if you have some antiques worth showcasing, they may add the extra touch you need!

If you want to add something extra aside from the above-mentioned items, it’s best to go for some houseplants! It’s good for the air, and the finish and texture of the pot can add a nice finishing touch to your industrial chic living space or office!