Candis, the producer of the famous 'Antiche Terre Fiorentine'-line develops new, groundbreaking decorative products in Turin since 1969.

Candis' key values of excellence, innovation and design ensure that the final look is of the highest standard; an 8000 sqm central manufacturing plant, well-developed traditional and modern application methods work together seamlessly to satisfy specific project needs.

Impera Italia is a key partner of Candis regarding the distribution and marketing of bespoke effects for high-end domestic and commercial developments where the 'special touch' is a must.


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colour match

Colour match

For Venetian polished plaster, microcement or Italian paints

Venetian plaster starter pack

Starter pack

Venetian plaster and metallic finish kits complete with tools

Candis Colour Swatch

Candis Colour Swatch

Colour palette with hand applied samples

Candis Etnika Light Feature Wall Paint


High-end Iridescent Feature Wall Paint



Multi-component Feature Wall Paint


Hoblio Metallic

Metallic textured feature wall paint with glitter


Hoblio Argento

Textured metallic paint effect with a subtle sheen