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Antica Calce

Interior-exterior high quality lime wash


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Antica Calce is an eco-friendly mineral paint for interiors and exteriors (also called whitewash or lime paint) featuring a high level of breathability with anti-mould and anti-algae characteristics. This product is an improved, natural variety of the age-old finish, with an extensive colour range and various certificates, from a responsible source.

This lime paint is ideal for restorations, listed building, heritage painting and properties or where a natural, soft finish with slightly reflective or chalky look was specified.

Various shades and decorative effects can be created using a sponge or roller, once the top coat has been applied. Please be aware that this is a traditional lime-based paint that should generally be used on natural substrates like lime and clay and experience is needed to handle it.


Impera Italia’s Advice™

When Antica Calce is initially applied it is quite transparent, but -when applied properly- as curing progresses the opacity will increase.



Lime washes have a unique surface sheen due to the double refraction of calcite crystals.



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Toolbrush, roller or spray gun
Number of coats: at least 2, but generally 3 to 8
Thinning: first coat at 25-30% with water; subsequent coats at 15-20%.
Coverage: 8 mq/l per coat on smooth surfaces with average absorption. It is advisable to determine the actual spreading rate by performing a preliminary test on the specific surface.
Notes: This is a natural, lime-based product and should be applied on natural plasters like lime or clay.