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Antique Wax in Paste

Antique paste wax for decorative plaster


SKU: GMY960-1.

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Thanks to its composition (carnauba and beeswax), this solvent-based paste wax is the ideal product to protect and provide good care to wooden furniture, art pieces but also any Italian plaster, from polished Venetian to Marmorino and Travertino decorative plasters. Apply uniformly a thin layer of product using a cotton cloth.

Antique Wax should be applied with our polishing cloth. 

Impera Italia’s Advice™

This is the wax that creates a thick film and is the ideal component of a protective system for wet rooms, shower cubicles or steam rooms, but please be aware it does not make the surface waterproof on its own! You can also use this wax for floors or any surface where a more lasting protective coating is required. Please be careful when you apply this wax on textured plasters as it can cause discoloring when you don’t spread it properly or use too much.



Folk etymology proposes that sincere is derived from the Latin sine = without and cera = wax, as sculptures without wax repairs or additions were ‘honest’.




Tool: Fine polishing cloth Number of coats: 1+ Thinning: Ready to be used (can be melted)

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