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Indoor-outdoor wall and ceiling fixative


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Atomo is a solvent free, water-based wall fixative with high penetration, especially suitable for impregnating and consolidating indoor and outdoor (mineral) surfaces.

Formulated with micronized polymers and nanotechnology, it offers high penetrating power and is able to consolidate wall surfaces especially prone to chalking and already painted with multiple residual layers of old paints. Does not produce any volatile organic compounds (VOC).


Impera Italia’s Advice™

This product is especially suitable to prepare walls for decorative finishes like Venetian plaster and metallics after fresh gypsum plaster or old paints. It’s extra-fine formula and water resistance makes it a superior choice compared with PVA and other fixative agents for prep work.


Tools: brush or roller
Spreading rate: 15 to 18 square metre (160 to 190 square feet) per litre per coat, 8 to 10 metre square (86 to 130 square feet) per litre for subtrates with high absorption
Number of coats: 1 or 2, wet on wet
Dilution: with water at 50-300% depending on absorption

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