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Bamboo Plastic Trowel

Venetian plastering trowel for hard to reach areas


SKU: CM-MINI-310NLC48-1.

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Bamboo Plastic Trowel

The Bamboo plastic trowel by CO.ME has been developed exclusively for textured finishes. Thanks to this decorative finishing trowel, you will be able to create linear finishes using our textured plasters such as Marmorino Classico, Marmorino Fino, Traverto, or any other decorative plasters. The compact and lightweight design allows for accurate and precise application whilst still ensuring enough pressure can be applied to achieve the perfect finish.

This Bamboo plastic trowel is an excellent addition to any tool set whether you are a professional applicator or just enjoy the occasional DIY.


Impera Italia’s Advice

Although this trowel comes already broken in, we recommend sanding it before the first use.



Pressure = Force / Area

Size: 280x100mm Manufacturer: CO.ME

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