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Trowelled silky decorative effect


SKU: SM379.


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Please note that although we make every possible effort to upload the best quality images of our colour range, due to the nature of Metallic paints, they are lik

Drying Time

Touch dry in 60 mins, completely dry in 12 hours.


At least 1 year when stored between +5C and +30C and kept out of direct sunlight.

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Only 1 sample pot of each colour can be requested per order. Orders for multiple samples of the same colour will be cancelled due to excess demand and limited availability.

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Our paints are bespoke made to each individual order. For this reason, only the base colours may be returned or exchanged. Coloured paints are not eligible for return or exchange. Please see our terms and conditions for more information.

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Cadoro is a trowelled iridescent metallic effect with soft, silky appearance that you can apply as an effect on top of decorative plasters or as a metallic finish in itself. This special Italian finish comes in many different base colours to provide you with an incomparable colour range. The thickness and body of this product ensures an outstanding workability.

The ‘Velvet’ variery comes in lighter colours only, but has added small sparkles.



If you are planning to apply Cadoro on a dusty, chalky or high porous area, you should use Atomo (To be applied before the Universal Primer) This will help to consolidate the surface!

To apply Cadoro on a wall or ceiling you will need to use Universal primer as a base. You are not required to use a wax for a metallic finish.

Although there are many ways of applying Cadoro, it is highly recommended to use a Venetian plastering trowel for best results.



Impera Italia’s Advice™

‘Cadoro’ can significantly change its appearance based on the application method, namely the movement of the trowel; wide and small movements will each create their own distinctive pattern and beauty. If you are looking for a really smooth, seamless finish (and to make the application easier) we advise you to apply a ‘Rasature’ plaster base coat.



Ca’ d’Oro (meaning Golden House) is a famous palace in Venice, Italy.



Tool: stainless steel Venetian plastering trowel, plastic trowel
Number of coats: 2
Dilution: ready to use
Coverage:  cca. 5 msq (53 square feet) per litre on two coats, after appropriate (coloured) primer