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CAP Arreghini Colour Chart

Colour chart with real, hand applied samples


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This hand-applied colour chart from CAP Arreghini features a variety of colours suitable for contemporary or traditional design. Each finish was carefully applied by hand to present a colour sample as close to the real colour as possible; the industrial colouring method ensures high colour accuracy and repeatability.

Each catalogue is for a specific finish and presents a wide variety from uncoloured to deep colours with larger samples of the uncoloured bases (please see the ‘Specification & Application’ section for the list of the presented colours).

Please note that at the moment Mania and Mineral will only be sold in their base colour, due to the colour selection being discontinued.


Applied finishes might slightly differ from the presented samples as the application method (the technique and tools) can significantly affect the final look.


Impera Italia’s Advice™

Due to the differences between various applications, methods and tools please purchase a tester pot or an applied board before finalizing the colour of the project.



Chart comes from the Latin word charta /ˈkʰar.ta/,  meaning ‘paper or papyrus leaf’


Presented colour ranges per brochure as of 2015 Venetian: GA107-01 to GA107-16, GA107-20 to GA107-23, GA107-26, GA107-27, GA107-30, GA107-32 to GA107-35, GA107-38, GA107-39, GA107-41, GA107-43, GA107-44, GA107-46, GA107-47, GA107-49, GA107-50, GA107-53, GA107-54 for the polished plaster, Venetian · Mineral: GA102-01 to GA102-17 for Mineral · Mania: GA111-01 to GA111-90 for Mania

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