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Bespoke Artwork by Impera Italia




5qm (53 square feet) per Unit

Number of coats

One, after the pre-coloured primer

Recommended Tools (SOLD SEPARATELY)

Italian Special Effect Brush and Tobacco or Half-Moon Sponge

Total (VAT incl)


Price Match Guarantee

  • Trade, please call the office for the best prices


Classic, grey tones reminiscent of Everest rockscapes but still delicate as a dragonfly’s wings under a lens, full of exuberant elegance and meditative power.  A supremely calming influence to hang in your entrance hall, to reorientate all family members returning to base.  Release your inner aristocrat!  This Polished Plaster is reminiscent of the stone used extensively in ancient Rome, from the first quarries in Tuscany, 2000 years ago – preferred later by Michelangelo.   It will create an assured atmosphere of stability that will spread throughout your ground floor and hold the household energies in harmony.  A beautiful monolith full of inherent mystery.


Dimensions: 122×39 cm

Weight:  4.86KG

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