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Decorative lime powder for concrete like decor



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Venetian plaster wall – Cementino

A Powder mixture made of natural lime, hydraulic binders, and marble fillers which will enable you to achieve a concrete look effect. It is an interior product that can be applied with one, or two coats. It will enable you to create stunning Concret imitations, thanks to its “off white” colour.

If you want to achieve a washed effect, we recommend using Calce colour wash.

Cementino should be applied using a Stainless Steel Trowel.

Cementino is made from an hydraulic base, meaning that it begins to harden after contact with water. For this reason, the best workability of the material is achieved in the first 90 minutes after the product is prepared for use. (This can vary depending on the environment, i.e temperature or humidity).

If you wish to add an extra layer of protection, you can apply our Wax d’Arte.


How to apply Cementino

Make sure that the surface is completely smooth, and that there are no imperfections. Also make sure there are no chemicals on the surface such as oil, stains, or grease, these must be removed.

Apply Unifix Primer before Cementino to ensure the correct durability and adhesion.

Cementino should be applied using our Stainless-Steel Trowel. The application should be carried out with an ambient temperature between 5° to 35°C. Different decorative tools can be used depending on the desired effect. Use tools like stiff brushes, scrapers to create interest in the wet plaster. This is best done about 10 minutes after application.

Use a drill and add water slowly as you mix, then let the material rest for 10 minutes.

Cementino can be applied on one or two coats, using a Stainless-Steel trowel.

To avoid repeated patterns, apply it using irregular movements. Once dry we suggest applying one layer of Impera wax to increase dirt resistance. Please note that although the product has a normal drying time according to its thickness, the real hardness is obtained through carbonation which occurs in contact with air. This process can last many months.


Impera Italia’s Advice™





Tool: Stainless steel Venetian plaster trowel
Number of coats: 1, or 2 coats
Dilution: 47% of water
Mixing instructions: Use a drill and add water slowly as you mix. Then leave for 5 minutes before use.
Coverage: 1.0 - 1.5 square metres per KG
Storage: Store in a dry place with temperature. 5 ° to 30 ° C
Workability: Around 90 minutes depending on temperature, humidity
Grain Size: average 0.4 mm (max 1mm) Method: II

Please view the documents below for more information on Cementino.