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Concret Art

Exterior-Interior decorative plaster for contemporary effects


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Concret Art

Concret Art is a modern acrylic plaster for exteriors and interiors that enables the applicator to create various contemporary, concrete, stone and plaster effects with a wide range of styles from solid and almost completely smooth to very textured. This product can be applied directly on top of a variety of surfaces, like, but not limited to concrete, plaster, wood, chipboard, plywood, etc.

A surface featuring Concret Art has good breathability, enhanced durability and is resistant to repeated washings with water; these attributes make this decorative plaster highly suitable for industrial, commercial and residential use.


How to apply Concret Art

Make sure to apply Marcotherm primer as a base coat to ensure the correct bonding and look. This plaster does not need to be protected on exterior and can be used on many surfaces such as glass, metal, plastic, concrete and various others.


Impera Italia’s Advice™

The applicator can make the desired effect more realistic and ‘natural’ by applying a light coat of a traditional Italian colour wash like our Samba.



Impera Italia™ supplied numerous movie sets in Europe and the United Kingdom with this special decorative plaster; it has been featured extensively in the 2015 movie ‘The Gunman’, starring Sean Penn and a Star Wars movie.



Tool: stainless steel Venetian plastering trowel Number of coats: 1+ based on the effect Thinning: ready to be used
Coverage: 0.5-1.25 msq per KG, based on 2 coats

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