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Rust Effect Paint Kit for 5SQM



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Corrod™ rust-effect paint 

Corrod is a rust effect paint with activator that was developed by Impera Italia to enable you to transform almost any surface into a feature with a weathered, corten steel look. This rusted iron-like patina can be further customised by applying the activator on more layers or in a greater amount to create an even more rusty look.

As the paint contains metallic particles it is ferromagnetic, but is still completely water-based.

You can apply or specify the Corrod rusty paint system on a wide variety of surfaces, like wood or MDF boards, walls and ceilings, but even metal or glass. This high-end, bespoke Italian finish can be the jewel of any home, shop or office where this stunning contemporary look can complement the overall design.

Please note that the video is one example of a finish that can be created with Corrod rust-effect paint.


The components of the Corrod™ rust-effect paint kit

  • Corrod Primer for the right adhesion and durability
  • Corrod Base, a gray liquid that can be activated to produce a variety of effects
  • Corrod Activator R, for a yellow or red rusty look
  • Corrod Activator C, for a green or blue oxide-effect or verdigris
  • Corrod Stabiliser, to stop further oxidisation

Please click here and read the data and safety sheet carefully before applying this rust-effect paint!


How to apply this rusty paint

Before applying the Corrod, we strongly recommend wearing a pair of protective glasses.

Please make sure that this rust effect paint is applied in the following way:

Dilute Corrod Primer with water, add 150ml or half a cup (quarter pint) and apply it by roller on one or two coats, depending on the suction of the surface. Leave the primer to dry for 2 to 4 hours before continuing with the application.

Although Corrod Base should be used undiluted, it can be diluted by water (up to 10% or 100mls for every tub of a 5msq kit) if you’d like to create a thinner coating. Corrod Base can be applied by our special effect brush, decorative sponges on even by a Venetian plastering trowel and generally you don’t need to put on more than a single coat. Corrod base should get completely dry between 3 to 6 hours, depending on the type of surface, ventilation, temperature and other atmospheric conditions.

If you are looking to add extra protection, you can apply Decorfilm Opaco or Lucido. This will prevent the dusting of the material.

Once the base is dry, Corrod Activator R can be applied by brush or sponge to change the base and ‘bring out’ the Corten steel look. Activator R can produce a yellow or red rust look.

As soon as the first coat is dry (in about 4-5 hours if humidity and temperature can be considered normal), you can apply fully or partially the second coat of Corrod Activator C and depending on the amount used you can create a yellow or red oxidised look or any appearance between the two.

After this stage or, without Activator R to produce a standalone effect, Corrod Activator C can be applied, for a copper oxide look.

Corrod Stabiliser should be applied 12 to 24 hours after the activator and it will not only ensure that the look won’t change further, but will also make the finish more water resistant and durable. Corrod stabiliser doesn’t need to be diluted.

The 5 sqm Corrod Paint Kit includes:

  • Corrod primer                                500 ml
  • Corrod base                                    950 ml
  • Corrod  Activator C                       500 ml
  • Corrod Activator R                        500 ml
  • Corrod Stabilizer                           500 ml


Impera Italia’s Advice

Apply the Activator in stages and in patches to see and control how it changes the appearance. The more activator or more coats of activator you apply the more the colour will change; at least 4 different effects and colours can be shown on the same surface, not counting the basecoat’s gray!



Corten or COR-TEN steel is the name of a trade marked product and stands for a type of weathered steel that due to it’s composition has increased resistance to atmospheric corrosion and doesn’t need to be painted.


Coverage: 5 sqm for the complete system on standard absorption Colour: varies Tools: Roller for the primer, brush for other coats Number of coats: 4+

Please view the documents below for more information on Corrod.

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