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Bespoke Artwork by Impera Italia



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A dramatic dark marble harbouring deep, rich mysteries in the varied undertones. The ultimate in arrogant excellence, the king of marble to display as a statement of your sovereignty: this will speak for you to your guests. We suggest that it is installed in a prominent position in your living room with a spotlight over it.  Let its gracious equipoise and superlative magnificence effortlessly hold the ambition, aspirations and integrity of your domestic domain together.  The bold diagonal veining holds a powerful dynamic in its golden tributaries, reminiscent of shooting stars in the cosmos.  This Venetian Plaster art piece is a beautiful hanging for your environment to really luxuriate in.


Dimensions: 122×39 cm

Weight: 4.58KG

Dimensions: 122x39 cm

Weight: 4.58KG

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