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Gimcyn Colour Chart

Hand-applied Textured Iridescent Paint Chart

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£3.99 inc. Vat £4.79

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Gimcyn Colour Chart

Impera Italia created this phenomenal colour chart so you can see the paint applied on real panels: you can not only choose the colour of this stunning pearly feature wall paint, but also read about the application and see 2 projects showing the real, hand applied effect paint.
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Gimcyn Colour Chart Colours

CRYS – Crystal
CHAL – Chalcedony
AGAT – Agate
AMBE – Amber
CITR – Citrine
CLQ – Cloudy Quartz
EMER – Emerald
GRHE – Green Hematite
GRRU – Green Rutile
JADE – Jade
JASP – Jasper
MOON – Moonstone
ROSE – Rose Quartz
SAPP – Sapphire
WHAG – White Agate


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