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Gimcyn Luxury Sample Pot

Samples for Textured Pearly Metallic Paint for Feature Wall




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0.25 sqm

Colour accuracy disclaimer

Please note that although we make every possible effort to upload the best quality images of our colour range, due to the nature of Metallic paints, they are likely to look slightly different to real life. We cannot be held responsible for issues with colour accuracy if the colour was not previously sampled.


At least 1 year when stored between +5C and +30C and kept out of direct sunlight.

Colour Samples

Only 1 sample pot of each colour can be requested per order. Orders for multiple samples of the same colour will be cancelled due to excess demand and limited availability.

Refunds and Returns

Our paints are bespoke made to each individual order. For this reason, only the base colours may be returned or exchanged. Coloured paints are not eligible for return or exchange. Please see our terms and conditions for more information.

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Gimcyn Luxury Sample Pot

Are you captivated by a particular colour but unsure if it’s the perfect choice for your home?

Experience the true colour at home with confidence by trying our 50g sample pot. No primer is required to test the colour accuracy.

If you’d like to see real, hand-applied samples before buying this paint, click here to order a colour chart!

Please note that the sample pot covers 0.25 sqm (0.37 square feet) per Unit. This feature wall paint sample pot doesn’t come with the primer and is about 25 millilitres.


How to Apply Gimcyn Luxury sample pot

Stir the paint before applying it as it might have settled during transit.

Apply the paint using the Impera Italia Special Effect Brush.

Afterwards, wait for the paint to dry before confirming the colour.


Impera Italia’s Advice™

For the best possible look put on a good amount of paint with a  brush and lightly spread it with a brush or a tobacco sponge.



Gems can be organic (eg pearl) and inorganic (opal).



Is this product waterproof? Can this product be applied in wet rooms or shower cubicles?
A: This product should not be applied on surfaces that can get in contact with water, it is meant to be a special indoor feature wall paint.


Q: Can you put Gimcyn Luxury over tiles?
A: Although technically (after priming the surface) it can be applied, it’s not recommended as the texture of the tiles won’t be covered.


Q:  Is metallic paint washable?
A:  We’d rather say wipeable, but if you apply one of Impera Italia’s protectors you can have your washable metallic paint, but remember it’s not waterproof.


Q:   Can you brush on metallic paint?
A: Yes, some of Impera Italia’s metallic paints can be brushed on using a semi-hard brush.


Q: What is the difference between normal paint and metallic paint?
A: Normal paint is usually an emulsion paint which is a flat paint for wall decoration. Metallic paints from Impera Italia are acrylic paints with metallic mica powders which create a lustrous metallic look.


Q:  Does metallic paint need a clear coat?
A: If we are referring to a clear protector applied on the top of Impera Italia metallic paint, then only to improve its durability.


Q:   How do you apply metallic paint?
A: Impera Italia offers different metallic paints which can be applied with a semi-hard brush, a foam roller, a Venetian plastering trowel, or a sponge. It all depends on the design.


Q:  What is the best metallic paint?

A: The best metallic paint is the one that fits your ongoing design. Impera Italia has a large selection of metallic paints for wall and ceiling décor which satisfy even the most demanding customer.


Q: Is metallic paint easy to apply?
A: Most of Impera Italia metallic applications are quite easy. However, all is up to the individual client. All metallic paints could be applied in an easy or more sophisticated way to achieve different looks.


Q:  Do you need a topcoat for metallic paint?
A: Depends on what we call a ‘top’ coat.  Impera Italia metallic paints should be applied on top of a recommended primer. Metallic paints are applied in one or two coats maximum. Mostly they are not required to be protected but if you want to increase durability then certainly a recommended protector could be used.


Q:   Can you apply metallic paint with a roller?
A: Yes, some of Impera Italia’s metallic paints, such as Sioloc line or Mineral, can be applied by foam roller. Professional applicators often use a classic Venetian plastering trowel to achieve specific effects.


Q:   Can you apply metallic paint with a brush?
A: Yes, you can, preferably using a semi-hard brush. Impera Italia always recommends a specific tool for every individual product to achieve a specific look.  However, every applicator is free to choose the tool they think will help them to create their chosen design.


Q:  What is metallic paint used for?
A:  Metallic paint sold by Impera Italia is used to decorate internal walls and ceilings.  These paints are generally applied in one or two coats. Metallic paint can be used as a metallic wash over lime-based decorative plasters such as Venetian plaster such as Marmorino or Travertino.


Q: Is metallic paint waterproof?
A: This depends on which metallic paint we mean. Impera Italia offers metallic paints for internal decoration of walls and ceilings.  Some of these decorative paints are wipeable but all of them can be protected to achieve a good level of washability.  Impera Italia does not recommend using these decorative paints for areas that definitely require a waterproof coating.


Q:  Is metallic paint shiny?
A: Metallic acrylic wall paint may have a certain level of shine or shimmer, but it is very likely quite different to real polished metal. There are many different metallic paints out there with different appearances – varying textures and shades.


Q:   How long does metallic paint take to dry?
A: The primer which you use for metallic surfaces will dry in cc 2 hours and each coat of paint will take cc 2-4 hours to dry, depending on the thickness of application, humidity, and temperature within the room. If you are planning to apply a protector on your metallic paint, then we would advise leaving the last coat to dry overnight to be sure it’s fully dry.


Q:  How do you add metallic effects to paint?
A: What you add to paint is a mica metallic powder.  The metallic effect is created by an applicator as it is transferred to the wall or any other suitable surface.


Q:  What are metallic colours?
A: There are hundreds of possible modifications of metallic colours which can be created from a few metallic bases.  These metallic bases are as follows:

  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Aluminium
  • Bronze
  • Copper
  • Platinum
  • Brass
  • Pewter

Q: What is metallic paint used for?
A:  Metallic decorative paint is used for wall or ceiling decoration.  In theory, metallic paint can be used for many other substrates, just as far as the manufacturer states it in the technical datasheet.


Q: Can you brush on metallic paint?
A: Yes, you can, just so far as the manufacturer advises it. In general, all metallic wall paints could be brushed on, depending on what look you would like to create.


Q: Can you put Gimcyn Luxury over tiles?
A: Although technically (after priming the surface) it can be applied, it’s not recommended as the texture of the tiles won’t be covered.


Q:  What is the best primer for metallic paint?
A: The best primer for metallic paint in general is acrylic, but the manufacturer’s recommendation should be considered in the first place.


Q: Can Gimcyn Luxury be applied on floors?
A: No, it’s not suitable for floors. You can use flooring products like our micro cement for this purpose.


Q: How durable is this paint? Is this paint scratch-proof? Is it washable?
A: It’s very durable and very easy to repair but it is not washable, only wipe-able.


Q: How accurate are your colours?
A: Due to the iridescence it is difficult to scan or take a picture of metallic paints. We strongly recommend ordering a chart or the minimum size before placing a larger order.


Q: How resistant are the colours?
A: Gimcyn has excellent colour resistance.


Q: Do I really need a primer? 
A: Yes, you do. The correct amount of primer is included with every kg of paint.


Q: What do we have to do if one day we want to re-do the wall?
A: Sand and then prime the surface and it is ready for another coat of plaster or paint!


Q: Do I need a specialist to apply Gimcyn Luxury?
A: This product is suitable for any DIY, but we recommend using a professional decorator for artistic and/or multicoloured applications.


Q: How long does this paint remain usable?
A: When stored under the right circumstances, it will remain usable for at least a year.


Number of coats: 1 (after the primer).
Dilution of Gimcyn paint: ready to use, do not dilute.
Coverage of 50ml unit: 0.25 msq (0.37 square feet) per Unit.

Please view the documents below for more information on Gimcyn Luxury Sample Pot.

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