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Groove Iridescent Coloured Waxes

Semi-transparent shimmery water-based effects


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The Groove iridescent coloured wax line from Colorificio Sammarinese is a selection of high-end lustrous effect waxes in various colours that can be applied on a variety of textured Venetian plasters, like Travertino or Marmorino Fino and Marmorino Classico.

These water-based acrylic (polyethylene) waxes are strong, dry quickly and are made with a great amount of metallic pigments to ensure an outstanding high-end look. It has to be mentioned that we can’t guarantee or be responsible for the look of metallic waxes as on various surfaces these artistic, semi-transparent effects will appear differently.

To increase the durability and to consistently protect the Groove waxes we advise you to apply a coat of Impera Wax or Wax D’Arte as a final coating on top of the iridescent effect. This is especially important for commercial and industrial projects.


Impera Italia’s Advice™

The best effect can be achieved by applying the Groove iridescent coloured waxes on dark, especially dark grey or black colours.



In jazz, the Groove can be felt as a persistently repeated pattern, something that really swings.


Number of coats: at least 1
Thinning: Ready to use
Coverage: between 10 and 30 msq based on the effect and number of coats per litre
The images of the waxes represent applications on jet black Marmorino and please be aware that they will create a different look on other substrates.

Please view the documents below for more information on Groove Iridescent Coloured Waxes.