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Impera Wax

Natural soap wax for decorative plasters



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This natural soap wax, made for Impera Italia consists of pure beeswax and high-quality Castile soap (also called Marseille or olive oil soap), dissolved in water. This 100% solvent-free, eco-friendly product was manufactured to protect and enhance the look of decorative plasters (Venetian plasters, lime and clay plasters, tadelakt or marmorino).

This wax is an improved formula of the water-based liquid wax we offered in the past and is highly recommended even on top of our Venetian plasters like Luciano or Venetianbut you can even use it on top of textured surfaces like Marmorino Fino or Travertino as it can be spread very easily!

To make sure you have the best possible look, always use our fine polishing cloth to apply and our lambswool bonnet to buff the finish.


Impera Italia’s Advice™

This wax should be chosen for the project when the surface should retain its breathability, but needs to be protected. Water-based waxes such as the Impera Wax can be coloured with natural pigments to act as colour washes.



Louis XIV, the Sun King limited the use of the term ‘Marseille soap’ to soaps made of olive oil; to this day, only soaps made of vegetable oils, without the use of any animal fat can be named as such.


Tool: fine polishing cloth or sponge Number of coats: 1+ Thinning: Ready to be used Coverage: around 30 msq (323 square feet) per litre on a smooth coat Use: Stir well before use.

Please view the documents below for more information on Impera Wax.