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Italian Metallic Lustre Waxes

Metallic wax effects for textured plasters



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These solvent based paste waxes for interiors can give a rich antique finish to a Marmorino or any other lightly or heavily textured Venetian plaster surface.  After buffing it will dry to a permanent, non-tarnishing finish.

Beside putting them on Italian plaster finishes, it can also be applied by finger or a cloth for the finishing touches when antiquing on furniture, frames, ceramics or virtually any other surface. Please take note that we can’t guarantee or be responsible for the look of metallic waxes on various surfaces as these are artistic, semi-transparent effects.

This product not only protects the surface but also increases it’s waterproofness.

Colours: silver, antique silver, copper, white, pale antique gold, rich pale gold, rich royal gold, ducato gold

Size: 200 ml


Impera Italia’s Advice™

This wax range is ideal for effects on textured Venetian plasters like Travertino, Marmorino pitted or dragged. Please apply a small amount to see the final look before covering the complete surface.



The word wax comes from comes from the Old English ‘weax’, meaning “substance made by bees”.

Tool: cloth or by hand Number of coats: 1+ Drying time: from 15 minutes Thinning: Ready to be used Coverage:  5 - 10sqm per 200mL (depending on application) Please take note that all the effects shown are on black Marmorino and waxes will create a different look on different substrates.

Please view the documents below for more information on Italian Metallic Lustre Waxes.