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Marmorino Classico

Natural lime-based Italian plaster


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Marmorino Classico

You can use Marmorino Classico, a versatile, hard-wearing, lime-based Italian decorative plaster indoors or outdoors to create smooth and marble-like, travertine, pitted and dragged effects. Marmorino has been used since ancient times to create high-end decor and due to it’s versatility, it’s still one of the most important decorative plasters on the market.

If you prime and apply Marmorino correctly it can last 50+ years and can even be applied externally without protectors! Due to the alkalinity of the lime with marmorino you’ll create bactericidal, fungi and mould resistant walls and ceilings.

For smooth, ‘classico’ marmorino effects you should consider using Marmorino Fino.


How to apply Marmorino Classico

The right primer for Marmorino Classico is Unifix primer. After the primer is completely dry (4-6 hours), the Marmorino can be applied applied on 2 or 3 coats. To ensure the durability and resistance of this finish, protect the dry plaster with Impera wax. Make sure to use a  Venetian plastering trowel if you’d like apply this lovely Italian finish.


Impera Italia’s Advice™

Marmorino is a porous, breathing natural plaster, but can be sealed to create durable special finishes in wet rooms, shower cubicles or around the sink (please be aware that the full Impera Italia waterproofing system for lime-based plasters is not available to the public at the moment due to the needed skill level; the best product for a waterproof finish is our Micro cement floor and wall kit). Outstanding sheen can be achieved if the applicator re-burnishes it a few more times while the last coat is drying (while it’s still ‘alive’).



Marmorino means ‘small marble’ and is a general term that describes lime putty enriched with marble grit. Contrary to popular belief, marmorino is not a polished plaster and was never used to describe high-gloss Venetian plasters.



Tool: stainless steel Venetian plastering trowel, plastic trowel
Number of coats: at least 2
Thinning: ready to be used, do not dilute
Coverage: between 2 to 2.5 KG per sqm
Fire rating: Euroclass A1 / UK Class 0