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Marmorino Supreme Mood Board Set

Sample boards of a marmorino supreme finish



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Marmorino Supreme Mood Board Set

With this Marmorino Supreme Mood Board Set you will be able to choose from 15 stunning colours, all applied by our technicians in-house on 2 coats, as all Venetian plasters should be, by hand. As a result, you will be able to see the beauty of this plaster, in semi-gloss to gloss finish, and will be able to check the colour on-site, right where you’d like to apply it!

We also offer bespoke colours, please call us at 03330124396 or send a message if you’d like us to match a colour for your project.

Samples are the most accurate way for you to see the real colour, this is especially true when you get high-quality hand-applied samples, like this Marmorino Supreme mood board set. This not only will enable you to see the finish in a way that a colour chart could never do, but you will also be able to touch and feel how the finish is.

When you order this item, you will receive a set of 15 sample boards, fully-boxed and individually labelled. This will ensure that you can easily reference them when needed. The box is well made and protects the samples if you’d like to take them with you to site regularly. Please take note, that as our mood boards are made to order trade items they are non-returnable.

Once you’ve chosen a colour, please test the finish and quality of the marmorino supreme, and order a kg of the material before buying the full amount needed for your project.


Impera Italia’s Advice

Please make sure to look at each colour under different lighting conditions. The most important is that will look at the samples under similar conditions to the project’s as lighting (and especially the colour of the light) can affect your perception of the colour.


No specifications & application instructions for this product.

Please view the documents below for more information on Marmorino Supreme Mood Board Set.

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