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Rhombus Trowel

Plastering trowel for easier application in difficult areas



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Rhombus Trowel

We know it can be difficult when applying plaster in enclosed corners. That is why we have introduced the Rhombus trowel with its different length edges, you can create the desired finish much more efficiently. The Rhombus trowel can be used for Venetian plasterMarmorino and decorative plastersmetallic finishes, fillers or lime putty!

The flexible stainless steel blade is perfect for applying polished plaster, metallic paints and concrete art. Achieving the smoothest finish is made easier due to the rounded edges, reducing the chance of leaving marks.

The rubber handle ensures a comfortable yet firm grip for better control over the trowel. This way you are able to apply the correct amount of pressure and manage the outcome more precisely.


Impera Italia’s Advice

Although it’s broken in, we recommend sanding it before starting to use it.



A rhombus is a flat shape with 4 equal straight sides that looks like a diamond. Although this this trowel is not a rhombus shape, the Italian manufacturer made it popular under this name, hence the name.

Size: 240x120 Manufacturer: CO.ME or COME

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