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Fibrous Italian decorative plaster


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Rilievo is a special Italian decorative plaster whose artificial fibres (horse-hair like threads) enable the applicator to create textured (under)coats. Can be diluted to create an ivory-like look or used undiluted to produce base coats for metallic finishes, colour washes, paints or waxes.

Colour: white (bianco)

Rilievo’s excess fibres can easily be removed once it’s completely dry to get a smooth final texture.



In order to create a feature with Rilievo you should apply Marcotherm primer as a base.


Impera Italia’s Advice™

Rilievo is especially suitable for slate finishes and effects where great depth should be combined with flowing, continuous movement or detailed texture. Rilievo is almost always used as it is, uncoloured; the final finish is achieved by applying a coloured top coat.



Fibres have been traditionally used for the reinforcement of lime plasters since the 14th-15th century in Europe, but were devised and widely used in ancient Egypt. Fibrous plastering is a still one of the traditional trades all over the world.



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Tool: stainless steel trowel
Number of coats: 1
Dilution: ready to be used.
Coverage: 2-2.5 KG per square metre / 0.5-0.4 msq (5.3-4.3 square feet) per KG
Drying time (at 25 ºC and 65% R. H.): touch dry in 6 hours, recoat after 24 hours

Please view the documents below for more information on Rilievo.