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Shower trays, rounded gullies and grids for Microcement

Bathroom Gully Former Trays



Shower trays, rounded gullies, and grids for Microcement


Impera Italia is happy to announce a new addition to the Microcement products. The low profile shower tray with a rounded gully is ideal for all Microcement bathrooms and wet room areas, where a simple, modern or traditional style is required. 

The minimalist shower trays were designed for Microcement to fit perfectly in the walk-in showers, and as they are available in several sizes, it’s easy to choose the right size for a perfect, bespoke finish, completed with the Impera Italia Microcement Floor and Wall Kits!

Several colour alternatives are available for the anodised aluminium grids; black, grey, gold satin and stainless  steel. It can also be flipped for the material to be inserted in the 3mm microcement inserts or used as a normal grid finish. 

The gully comes with a two-part waster and NOOD no-odour water trap. The standard size is 22mm thick, but can be cut to size as needed, and it can take up to 470 kg loading on areas with 400mm joist centres. No additional support needed underneath. 

Please make sure that before starting your project, you familiarise yourself with the Microcement application instructions, you can email our technical team at [email protected].



A variation of micro cement was and is still used by the British shipbuilding industry to coat steel ships’ nails to increase their corrosion protection.


Floor Former Size (mm) 900 x 900 1000 x 1000 1135 x 770 1200 x 800 1200 x 900 1200 x 1200 1300 x 800 1400 x 900 1450 x 1150 1500 x 800 1650 x 900 1800 x 800

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