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Sioloc Suede

Pearly Feature Wall Paint




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5qm (53 square feet) per 1 Litre Unit

Number of coats

2 coats.

Recommended Tools (SOLD SEPARATELY)

Medium Pile Roller and Putty Knife 150mm, or Flexible plastic trowel

Colour accuracy disclaimer

Please note that although we make every possible effort to upload the best quality images of our colour range, due to the nature of Metallic paints, they are likely to look slightly different to real life. We cannot be held responsible for issues with colour accuracy if the colour was not previously sampled.

Drying Time

Touch dry in 60 mins, completely dry in 12 hours.


At least 1 year when stored between +5C and +30C and kept out of direct sunlight.


If you placed an order for 2KG of our Sioloc Suede Metallic paints or more, please note that to reduce packaging, our warehouse team where possible will combine the material into one larger bucket. Make sure to check the Sioloc Suede paint label, the weight of the bucket will be marked.

Colour Samples

Only 1 sample pot of each colour can be requested per order. Orders for multiple samples of the same colour will be cancelled due to excess demand and limited availability.

Refunds and Returns

Our paints are bespoke made to each individual order. For this reason, only the base colours may be returned or exchanged. Coloured paints are not eligible for

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Sioloc Suede 

Sioloc Suede is a semi-matt silky wall paint that can be used for any indoor project. Once you apply it can create a soft, suede-like look with overlapping layers.

Depending on the tools and technique used, Sioloc Suede can create a wide variety of finishes and designs; we recommend applying it by trowel for a vibrant, luxurious and layered look but it can also be applied by brush.

Not only is Sioloc Suede easy to apply but it is also very cost-effective. The look, cost and application make it a fantastic alternative to wallpapers, and it is even easy to repair!

If you are planning to apply Sioloc Suede on a dusty, chalky or highly porous area, you should use Atomo (To be applied before Sioloc Suede Primer) This will help to consolidate the surface!

To increase water repellency and wipeability we recommend applying 2 coats of Impera Matt.

Before you place an order please make sure to either order a Sioloc Suede colour chart or a sample pot. If you do this, you will be able to check the quality, the application and also can approve the colour right where it will be applied!

This paint is offered as a bundle and the paint will come with a pre-coloured primer, enough to cover 5 square metres (or about 54 square feet) per unit.


What is included in the bundle?

1 kg of Sioloc Suede paint
1/2 L of pre-coloured primer


How do I apply Sioloc Suede?

Please use a bit of paint, not more than 15 grammes to create a test patch. This will ensure that you can apply the right amount in the right way and that you’ll get the right look!

Please follow the following steps when you apply a full unit:

  1. Dilute Sioloc Suede primer with 30% of water (0,5 l of primer with 150ml water or 1l of primer with 300mls water) and apply it with short pile or mohair roller, but try not to leave any long, straight lines. Leave it to dry till it’s fully dry, between 4-6 hours.
  2. Once the primer is dry, open and stir the paint. Apply the 1st coat of Sioloc Suede using a flexible plastic trowel, from different angles. Once you’ve applied between 1 and 2 square metres flatten it by spatula or a plastic trowel for the best look, or just leave it as it is. Leave it to dry for 4-6 hours.
  3. Apply the 2nd coat the same way as the previous coat.


How large are the sample pots?

Every sample pot is about 50g and covers about 0.25 sqm (0.37 square feet). Samples pots don’t come with the primer as you will be able to apply a small patch on more than 2 coats to see the right opacity. Just apply it on a white surface, preferably a painted wall or MDF and not on paper, carton or another very absorbent material.


Impera Italia’s Advice™

Please test how to spread the paint and always use the correct tool. The flexible plastic trowel ensure that you get the right look!



Suede are an English rock band, producing songs like “Beautiful ones” and “Animal nitrate”.



Number of coats: 2 (after the primer)
Dilution of Sioloc paint: ready to use, do not dilute
Dilution of Sioloc primer: dilute with 30% of water
Coverage of 1kg unit: cca 5 msq (53 square feet) per Unit
Coverage of 50ml unit: 0.025 msq (0.37 square feet) per Unit

Please view the documents below for more information on Sioloc Suede.