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Matt, Venetian Plaster inspired, Metallic Paint




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6 sqm (106 square feet) per bundle.

Number of coats

2 Coats.

Recommended Tools (sold separately)

Impera Metallic Effect Plastic Trowel

Colour accuracy disclaimer

Please note that although we make every possible effort to upload the best quality images of our colour range, due to the nature of Metallic paints, they are likely to look slightly different to real life. We cannot be held responsible for issues with colour accuracy if the colour was not previously sampled.

Drying Time

Touch dry for 2-3 hours, and completely dry in 25 hours.


At least 1 year when stored between +5C and +30C and kept out of direct sunlight.


If you order 2KG of our Tintoretto bundle or more, please note that to reduce packaging, our warehouse team where possible, will combine the material into one larger bucket. Make sure to check the Tintoretto paint label, the weight of the bucket will be marked.

Colour Samples

Only 1 sample pot of each colour can be requested per order. Orders for multiple samples of the same colour will be cancelled due to excess demand and limited availability.

Refunds and Returns

Our paints are bespoke made to each individual order. For this reason, only the base colours may be returned or exchanged. Coloured paints are not eligible for return or exchange. Please see our terms and conditions for more information.

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Tintoretto has been developed to help you or your applicator re-create a finish that is similar to Venetian plaster, by offering a much easier, and more cost-effective way to achieve this beautiful velvety look at a fraction of the cost, whilst maintaining the sophistication that has come to be expected of Italian decorative finishes.

Tintoretto will create a matt feature wall with beautiful shades of colour embellished into the final effect, offering a stunning contrast that is sure to stand out.

To achieve the best application of Tintoretto, we recommend using a Metallic Effect trowel or Impera Metallic Effect Trowel. Tintoretto’s richness and viscosity make the application a true joy! This also helps to create a beautiful texture on the wall that feels really special.

If you are planning to apply Tintoretto on a dusty, chalky, or highly porous area, you should use Atomo (To be applied before Tintoretto Primer) This will help to consolidate the surface!

To increase water repellency and wipeability we recommend applying 2 coats of Impera Matt.

If you’d like to see real, hand-applied samples before buying this paint, click here to order a colour chart!

Every Tintoretto bundle has the right amount of Tintoretto primer to cover 6 square metres.


2 kg of Tintoretto paint

1 L of primer



1- Check the wall is free from dust, and dirt and is as smooth as possible before starting. Correct any imperfections.

2- Make sure that Tintoretto primer has been applied beforehand and that it is dry. Mix paint well before applying as it might have settled during transport. Leave it to dry for 4 to 6 hours.

3- Apply the 1st coat of Tintoretto using the plastic trowel. Avoid using linear movements, the idea is to create a random pattern using varied motions. Give this coat adequate time to dry.

4- Begin with the 2nd coat using the same tool, continuing to repeat the varied hand movements. At this stage, it is possible to be more deliberate with the pattern being created. The idea is to create intense, deep shades within this matt paint that simulate the beauty that Venetian plaster is known for.

Impera Italia’s Advice™

Tintoretto must be applied on two coats using irregular patterns. It is important to ensure that the first coat is smooth, without any trowel lines. The second coat, will define the final look, for this reason, we recommend making irregular movements in order to achieve the desired result.






Coverage: 1kg per 5sqm on 2 coats.
Dilution of Tintoretto paint: ready to use, no not dilute
Dilution of Tintoretto primer: dilute with 30% of water
Coats: 2 Coats.
Drying Time:  Touch dry for 2-3 hours, and completely dry in 25 hours.
Storage: At least 1 year when stored between +5C and +30C and kept out of direct sunlight.

Please view the documents below for more information on Tintoretto.