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Venetian Plaster Starter Pack

Venetian plaster and metallic finish kits complete with tools



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Venetian Plaster Starter Pack

This Venetian plaster starter pack features a selection of the finest Italian Venetian plasters and metallic finishes which were carefully curated and have been sourced from some of the best producers. The single purpose of these packs is to provide you with ample materials so you can apply and experiment with a great variety of plasters, colours and effects.


The Venetian plaster selection consists of the following products (for quantities and sizes, please see the “Specifications and Application” section):

The meticulously crafted Marmorino Fino, with a very fine Italian marble grain and excellent putty, for stone-like, textured, concrete-look and smooth finishes.

Travertino from CAP Arreghini was created with a great deal of devotion and lime to enable artists to create an extremely rich, natural travertine finish.

Traverto is a decorative lime plaster for stone decor, you will be able to create the most immaculate effect on interior wall surfaces, with only one coat application.

Marmorino Supreme is a stunning satin-like finish if you want that perfect balance between a matt stone look and a high gloss polished plaster.

Luciano is a high-gloss polished Venetian plaster, manufactured with the most up-to-date methods for incomparable shine and durability.

Venetian, a gorgeous glossy polished plaster with outstanding workability.

This extensive selection comes with the appropriate undercoat or primer, Fondo Universale, and a natural, water-based wax, Impera Wax.

Unifix primer is a primer with grain.

Also, we added a Venetian plaster trowel (Wooden handle Marmorino Trowel 200*80) that is made of sturdy, high-quality stainless steel to withstand daily use. Our specialists were looking for a tool the feels “right” in the hand—balanced, properly weighted with an ergonomic handle—and will be the trusty friend of the applicator for many years.

Finally, to allow the applicator to explore a variety of colours, we added black, burnt earth and oxide yellow pigments to this set.


Metallic Finish Starter Pack

The metallic finishes pack features the following materials (for sizes and quantities, please see the “Specifications and Application” section):

Tintoretto, is a Matt, Venetian Plaster-inspired, Metallic Paint.

Infinity is a silky, smooth Metalic paint.

Sioloc is an iridescent metallic feature wall paint with pearls that will allow you to create a smooth finish with a velvety sheen.

Sioloc Suede is semi-matt silky wall paint that will create a soft, suede-like look with overlapping layers.

Gimcyn is a refined textured paint effect that can create stunning feature walls in homes, shops and business and comes in 15 fantastic contemporary colours

Gimcyn Luxury feature wall paint improves Gimcyn with additional fine sparkles, better opacity and final look.

Gimcyn Chroma, a textured iridescent feature wall paint.

Infinity is a silky smooth Metallic paint. Infinity can enhance a room and create a stunning feature without appearing out of place.

Tintorettoa Matt, Venetian plaster-inspired Metallic paint.

To make the offer complete, we included a stainless steel Venetian plastering trowel, an Italian special effect brush and a tobacco sponge, which are also suitable for any Venetian plaster applications.

This set, just as our Venetian plaster starter pack comes with four of our gorgeous colour charts Gimcyn, Gimcyn Luxury, Gimcyn Chroma, Sioloc and Sioloc Suede, Infinity, Tintoretto.


Impera Italia’s Advice

Impera Italia would like to offer the Venetian plaster starter pack as an amusebouche of the world of Italian decor, with a focus on high-quality ingredients, sourced responsibly, not just with an astonishing look, but with eco- and user-friendliness in mind. We also added the necessary tools to create various effects, complete with the respective primers.


Please see the respective pages for the descriptions of the Venetian plasters and metallic finishes/paints. * Venetian plaster starter pack: Marmorino Fino 5Kg Travertino 5Kg Traverto 2Kg Marmorino supreme 2Kg Luciano 1Kg Venetian 1Kg Universal Primer 1L Unifix Primer 1KG Impera Wax 0.25L Pigments 25ml each Venetian plaster trowel 200x80x0.6mm (black, burnt earth, and blue) * Metallic finishes starter pack: Infinity 0.25L Tintoretto 0.25L Gimcyn  0.25L Gimcyn Luxury 0.25L Gimcyn Chroma 0.25L Sioloc 0.25L Sioloc Suede 0.25L Flexible Plastic Trowel 200x80x0.6mm Italian Special Effect Brush 100mm Tobacco sponge 1 piece Colour Charts (Sioloc, Sioloc Suede, Gimcyn, Gimcyn Luxury, Gimcyn Chroma, Infinity, Tintoretto)

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