Weekend Feature Wall Paint Course in Ireland

A concise course of Venetian plastering



2 Days


9 hours a day






Venetian Plaster



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Course Overview

To book a space for our Weekend Feature Wall Paint Course, please call our Master Applicator Darren Quinn directly on  00353 766803532.

The Feature Wall Paint Course was developed to demonstrate and teach you how to create stunning feature walls and ceilings with metallic, iridescent or pearly paints, from smooth to velvety to textured. Course attendees will also explore how to combine them to great effect.  This 2-day course closely connected with our other high-end Venetian plastering courses will equip you with the knowledge of how to create high-end accents quickly and efficiently.

This course is held on a Saturday and Sunday in our Irish training centre, and you will be trained on walls, corners and large sample boards.

You will make sure you will be confident enough to take on any size of job with Italian designer paints, create solid and durable base coats and apply various protective and effect coatings.

Just as our other courses, the Italian decorative paint training covers contemporary and traditional Italian and British application methods and effects but features certain finishes -in this case how to create metallic features and combine them with Venetian plasters- more prominently.

How Much You Can Charge After the Course

A 10 square metre feature wall with Italian designer paints starts from 300 euros or pounds and can cost as much as 1200. Large areas cost generally start from 65 and can be as much as 120 per metre square (9 square feet) in local currency.


Where is the Course Held

All our Venetian plaster and Italian decorative finish courses are held at our training centre at 20 Station Road, Castlewellan, BT31 9NF in a huge, square metre purpose built industrial unit – only 1 hour 40 mins drive from Dublin and 50m from Belfast.  Castlewellan offers a number of local hotels and B&Bs if you’d like to stay over on Saturday night.

Please don’t hesitate to call our friendly team on  UK: 03330 124396  IE:  00353 766803532  or send a message to [email protected].

Who Should Attend

This is a great course for painters, plasterers and DIY who like contemporary high-end finishes and would like to add Italian feature walls and ceilings to their portfolio.


Entry Requirements

No prior knowledge of decorative finishes (paints) or Venetian plastering is needed to start this course, but experience in painting & decorating or plastering can be very helpful.



On completion of the course, you will receive the following

  • Impera Italia Course Certificate
  • Marketing material for your future clients
  • Most popular Venetian Plaster finishes sample boards, size 600x400mm
  • Sample of various types of Venetian plaster, metallic paints, waxes
  • Venetian Plastering trowel (200×80mm)
  • Impera Italia trainee discount code
  • Access to Impera Italia Cooperation Gate for future projects (Impera Showroom use)
  • Access to Impera Italia technical support
  • Invaluable know how, tips, skills, and confidence
  • A semi-hard special effect brush

Course Synopsys

The Italian Decorative Finishes course will start at 8am and end around 5pm.
Please note that the only thing you need to bring is work gloves.

The application will commence on walls and boards.

A. Finishes

Sioloc / Sioloc Suede Smooth metallic feature paint (demo for multicoloured two-tonal effect)
Marcopolo / Marcopolo Sable Textured metallic paint
Antica Calce / Samba  Pearly flat Italian colour wash paint
Gimcyn / Gimcyn Luxury Fine gritty metallic textured paint (demo for multicoloured two-tonal effect)
Perlaceo, My Art Semi-transparent effects on top of other paints


B. Other products

Atomo surface stabilizer
Primer smooth
Protectors sealers and sealants, synthetic and natural

You will also learn how to apply colour washes, metallic washes and other special decorative coatings.


C. Repairs, Surface Preparation and After-care

How to handle and repair accidental damage

How to properly assess, and prepare any substrate for Metallic paint

How to calculate Metallic Paint Material

How to re-seal or re-protect a surface

How to change the effect/look

How to deal with small or large projects

How to deal with fundamental or superficial cracks

How to deal with preparation work, Anti-crack and corners

How to modify the effect/look on site

‘What can go wrong’


D. Tools
How to select the right tools for the project and how to use & maintain them.


E. Working with Colours and Colouring

How to work with various colouring methods like manual and industrial, and how to assess and establish colour resistance and colourability.