What, you might ask, is the most intelligent colour?!?

Just as our food intake influences our gut biome and capacity to live life to the full, so such radiant colours in our personal environment will guarantee-ably affect our mood and ability to function.  At IMPERA ITALIA, we do love working with this science of materials and colour – the most rewarding opportunity to enhance the living potential of our clients.

 Where exactly then could we introduce yellow?

Landings and hallways are excellent for yellow, plus the occasional bedroom and of course, your workspaces – including kitchens and PC areas.  Within your lounge, you may like to devote one wall to this supremely benevolent colour.  Bring the infinite happiness of the garden inside.   Yellow is naturally also associated with gold, and the prestige of that metal … especially in paintings.

Cadmium yellow and certain similar shades will not be so durable in damp atmospheric conditions – external or internal.  It is likely to oxidise and darken, so we don’t expect it in bathrooms or wet rooms.

One yellow was banned in the UK in the 19th century. This was made from the urine of mango-fed cows in India! Other yellows are generally made from mineral sources … Egyptians considered yellow to have feminine qualities – but the Chinese thought the opposite.

Regardless of gender disputes, this is the colour which most corresponds to the human mind and its functions.

The Gimcyn range of iridescent metallic paints at Impera Italia incorporate subtle – yet exciting – yellows. These sit well against more strident tones in this spectrum.

Bringing the different shades of yellow can refresh dramatically, not just your interiors, but your life as well.

Of course, not everyone wants to bring the brightest tones in the colour scheme of their décor, but at Impera Italia, we do offer a wide spectrum of hues and finishes with a subtle yellow tint to them. For those wishing to mix some glamour with the beneficial effects of this optimistic colour, the gold tones would suit best.

Our textured metallic paints, Gimcyn, Gimcyn Luxury and Gimcyn Chroma serve as the perfect example of that. The colours Pyrite, Citrine and Amber could be the perfect complement in your living or dining room, as a feature wall. Yellow is such an energizing colour after all, it is good to have it in the most sociable areas of the home.

Whether you’d like a special finish bespoke made for you, or a polished, smooth surface, our wide range of Venetian Plasters offer a great selection of yellow tones. The colour and the finish can also be customised, in any way you want it!