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Pigments for Venetian plasters and Italian paints


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These pigments or stainers are made of natural earth-based resources and oxides and are not only highly concentrated but you can also use it for almost any paint and plaster on the decorating market. These water-based colourants can be added to synthetic and washable paints, plastic coatings, silicate and lime-based paints, plasters and renders, oil-base enamels and synthetic undercoats, beside water-base undercoats for indoor and outdoor use. You can even use these pigments for our microcement.

Although we recommend that you choose the colour of the paint or plaster directly on the respective page as we can not predict how they’ll change the colour of the finish, you can be sure that these pigments have an extremely high colouring power and can be used for any product offered by Impera Italia.

The colour resistance of these pigments is either significantly above average or excellent due to the fact that they are earth and oxide-based, natural colourants.


Impera Italia’s Advice™

Please make sure to test the colouring strength of these pigments by adding only a single drop before you start add more. They are much stronger than you’d expect!



Various dyes have been extracted from animals since ancient times, probably the three most famous are the Tyrian purple, extracted from a sea slug, the carmine dye which was made from cochineals and the brown sepia, which is the ink of the cuttlefish.

Mixing: The colourant can be added directly to the plaster and paint  to be coloured up to a maximum of 6%

Please view the documents below for more information on Colourants.