Microcement Floor and Wall Kit

10 sqm polished concrete coating for interiors

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Microcement Floor and Wall Kit

With the 10 square metre microcement floor and wall kit -which is a combined, high-quality multi-layer coating system– you can create minimalist and contemporary surfaces on floors, walls and ceilings. Our microcement is arguably the easiest to apply on the UK market, with an amazing cost/value ratio, that includes more material than any other similar system to make sure you have ample microcement to create a durable, waterproof finish on floors, walls and even ceilings!

With our microcement floor and wall kit you can create seamless, waterproof and durable finishes in kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms and even in shower cubicles.  You won’t need to worry about maintenance as the resin will ensure that water will not penetrate and the coating will last.

If you’d like to see real, hand applied sample boards, check out our Microcement Mood Board Set, showing the stunning contemporary colours from our ‘Colours of Britain’ range.

Alternatively, for wall only kits see our our Micro Cement Wall Kit or Beton Cire Kit pages.

Our Microcement wall and floor kit now can be further enhanced with our new protector, TOP ART. This not only makes the coating harder, but also more heat resistant; see our Microcement Worktop Kit, or select the TOP Satin ART protector option.

If you’d like to test the quality of our microcement check out our Microcement Sample kit you will be able to cover roughly 0.5msq

Microcement Colours

If you choose our microcement pack you can select from 15 colours which can be further modified and personalised for you to provide you with an almost infinite number of shades (for details contact our sales team). These microcement colours were developed in London and are based on the most requested and popular contemporary colours.

Unlike any other provider, the colours presented on our site are as close to the real ones as possible and show the look of the real finish.

For a complete list of numbers and respective names of microcement colours please click on the ‘Specifications and Application’ tab.


Tools for Microcement

To create an outstanding look with our microcement floor and wall kit you will need a plastic trowel and a Venetian plastering trowel.

With this microcement kit you’ll have a lightweight flooring solution on 2 to 3mm, but more importantly, it can also be applied with some added preparation on furniture. You can further customise this system with gloss, satin or matt protectors, applied by roller, to create a long-lasting finish. Top satin ART is now also available which provides additional durability along with enhanced heat protection.

Click here to see our pdf microcement colour chart.


Why Use Microcement

The distinctive advantages of our microcement system:

  • You will purchase from the most established UK retailer of specialist finishes, based in London. This is not a cheap direct export product missing key components.
  • You will have the state-of-the-art, durable and easy to apply coating that lasts
  • You’ll have a FULL BUCKET of ready-mixed top (decorative) coat for every 10 msq with colourants already added (no measuring is needed, colour accuracy is high), with a very long shelf life
  • You’ll use an Industrial-level system from the largest specialist producer in Italy
  • You can complete projects in only three days
  • You can apply it on top of underfloor heating, cover furniture and create durable and waterproof bathroom finshes

Finally, beside enhancing modern homes and business environments with microcement finishes you can also renovate existing surfaces like ceramic surfaces, porcelain tiles, mosaic, natural and reconstructed stone, linoleum, parquet and other coatings like epoxy or polyurethane resins, just to name a few.


The 10 msq kit includes the following products

Atomo Primer for porous surfaces 1L
Continuo Base Base coat 25Kg
Continuo Deco Decorative coat 15Kg + 5Kg
Continuo Link Sealer 0.1L + 0.05L
Continuo Top Resin 1.25L + 0.375L
Mesh For the base coat 12 msq

Don’t forget to purchase PRO LINK seperately for non-absorbent surfaces as it’s not included in the kit!


How to Apply Microcement

The application method is simple and straightforward, you should apply one coat after the previous one is dry enough. Please see the below table for further details:

Step Product Layer When? Tool Diluted / Mixed
0 Atomo or Pro Link Only one Create a bonding coat on porous OR non-absorptive surfaces Roller or brush Should be diluted 30%;
300 ml of water to 1L of Atomo. Pro Link doesn’t need to be diluted.
1 Continuo BASE First of two 4-6 hours after step 0 Stainless steel or plastic trowel Mixed with water; 5-6L to 25Kg
1a Mesh Directly embed in the 1st coat of Continuo BASE
2 Continuo BASE Second of two 3 hours after step 1 Stainless steel or plastic trowel
3 Continuo DECO* First of two At least 3 hours after step 2 Stainless steel or plastic trowel Component A mixed with B; cca 330g of B to 1Kg of A
4 Continuo DECO* Second of two At least 3 hours after step 3 Stainless steel or plastic trowel
 5  Continuo LINK Only one At least 12 hours after step 4 Roller Link A and B mixed with water; 1 unit of B to 2 units of A mixed with 12 units of water. Eg. 100ml of A to 50ml of B with 600ml of water.
6  Continuo TOP First of two At least 6 hours after step 5 Roller Top A and B mixed with water; 1 unit of B mixed with 3.3 units of A with cca 0.45 units of water. Eg. 1.25L of A mixed with 375ml of B with 163ml of water.
7 Continuo TOP Second of two At least 3 hours after step 6 Roller
Light traffic 24 hours after step 7
Fully usable 5 days after step 7

*Continuo Deco coats can be coloured. On walls/ceilings ‘Continuo BASE’ doesn’t need to be applied, but make sure thermal and mechanical movement has been accounted for.

How to Apply the TOP ART micro cement protector 

4  Continuo TOP ART Satin+ First of two At least 6 hours after step 3 Roller Top A and B mixed with water; 1 unit of B mixed with 3.3 units of A with cca 0.45 units of water. Eg. 1.25L of A mixed with 375ml of B with 163ml of water.
5 Continuo TOP ART Satin+ Second of two At least 3 hours after step 4 Roller



Moreover, when you choose this system you’ll be using a formaldehyde free, water-based and low VOC solution. Our microcement products were classified as A+ (the best rating) Emission Rating (‘Emissions dans L’air Interieur’) by the French government.


Components in Micro cement kits
Beton cire kit Wall kit Wall & Floor kit Sample kit
Atomo X X X X
Base X X
Mesh X X
Base X X
Deco A X X X X
Deco B X X X X
Link X X X X
Top A X X X
Top B X X X
Wax X


Impera Italia’s Advice™

If you sand the coats and apply this finish with a plastic trowel you can eliminate most of the movement and can actually achieve a microcement finish with no or little movement!



Microcement products derive their strength not only from the nature of the mineral-, micronised cement base and their compactness, but also from the reinforcing effect of the resins.


Number of coats: See the General Information or the PDF Manual
Thinning: mixable 'A' and 'B' components, powder mixed with water, mixable 'A' and 'B' components that need additional water - please carefully study our mixing sheet for details
IIMC001 - Cardiff
IIMC002 - Edinburgh
IIMC003 - Cambridge
IIMC004 - Birmingham
IIMC005 - Glasgow
IIMC006 - Exeter
IIMC007 - London
IIMC008 - Canterbury
IIMC009 - York
IIMC010 - Oxford
IIMC011 - Lincoln
IIMC012 - Belfast
IIMC013 - Manchester
IIMC014 - Liverpool
IIMC015 - Newcastle

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