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Continuo Level Zero

Self-Levelling Concret Base



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Continuo Level Zero, is a self-levelling concrete powder used for levelling concrete slabs and cement screeds for our micro cement systems, such as the Microcement Floor & Wall kit.

Continuo Level Zero can be used for new or existing surfaces, to obtain uniform and perfectly flat surfaces, and to straighten larger areas with imperfections up to 20mm thickness.

With one 25KG bag, you can cover 4 square metres on a mostly smooth, even surface (based on 5mm thickness). We introduced this concrete powder as a separate product to ensure that if the surface is slightly imperfect or you would like to create a thicker coating you can use additional bags.

Colour: white


Impera Italia’s Advice™

Please make sure to have a completely dry surface before applying the anti-crack system.


Tool: Trowel or putty knife Dilution: approx. 4-4.2  of water per 25KG bag Spreading rate: 4 msq per 25KG on 5mm thickness Colour: White (Bianco) Ideal thickness: From 3 to 20 mm (mesh not included)

Please view the documents below for more information on Continuo Level Zero.