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Grassello di Calce

Lime-based natural polished plaster


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Grassello di Calce

This 100% natural, lime-based polished Stucco is the high-quality, standardised variety of the stucco’s of old. With Grassello di Calce the applicator is able to bring into being a high-end finish of remarkable glossiness. The beauty of the finish is in the shading and movement unique to the decorator. Grassello can only be used for interior decor, but due to it’s natural lime plaster nature it can be specified for listed buildings, restorations, passivhaus (passive house) projects or where high breathability is needed.

Grassello Calce is naturally mould and algae resistant.


How to apply Grassello di Calce

Before you use Grassello di Calce you will need to apply a coat Universal primer. After the Grasello has been applied on the dry primer and the last coat is dry, don’t forget to protect it with 1 or 2 coats of Wax D’arte. When using a natural plaster like Grassello di Calce, ensure you have the right tool; a Venetian plastering trowel. 


Impera Italia’s Advice

To enhance the durability, a coat of a coarser (white) decorative plaster such as Marmorino can be applied as a base coat (with a possible anti-crack coat of Colbeton underneath). It’s important to mention that although the act of putting polished plaster on the wall is relatively easy, achieving the required ‘marble-like’ effect needs significant training.



Once applied, the product-through decarbonisation-crystallizes and turns back into limestone, essentially turning the feature into a real stone wall!




Tool: stainless steel Venetian plastering trowel and/or spatula
Thinning: ready to be used (max 1%)
Number of coats: at least 2, for the best effect 3
Indicative spreading rate based on 2 coats: 0.83-1 msq (9-10 square feet) per KG
Drying times (at 25 C and 65% R.H.): touch dry in 3 hours; recoat after 12 hours (depending on the thickness).
Fire rating: (Euroclass) A1