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Anti-crack coating for Italian decorative products



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Colbeton is a cement-based, fibre-reinforced powdered anti-crack coating for decorative plasters or Venetian plaster, such as Marmorino Fino, Venetian, Luciano and any metallic finish.

It’s the ideal product (combined with a mesh) to achieve a firm, flexible base coat acting as a thick, water and crack proof substrate for Italian decoration. Colbeton’s flexibility, fineness and special formulation all work together to make the final decorative finish extremely durable.

Colour: white

Grain size: 0,75 mm max

Form: Powder, to be mixed 6 lt of water per bag

Thickness: up to 5 mm (with a single coat)

For the best possible durability please make sure to embed our Fibreglass Mesh between 2 coats of Colbeton and before you apply any smooth plaster (eg. polished plasters) or metallic paints please put on a coat of white Marmorino Fino to ‘bridge’ the roughness of the grain.


Impera Italia’s Advice™

It’s advisable to coat Colbeton with a layer of Marmorino or another large-grit plaster before applying smooth Stucco or metallic finishes. Also, due to the products’ pure white colour it’s much easier to apply any coloured lime-based or synthetic Italian plaster and achieve the required look and opacity.


Tool: Trowel or putty knife Granulometry: 0.75 mm max Dilution: 6 litres of water per bag Spreading rate: 0.34 msq (3.6 square feet) per KG, cca 7 msq per bag Colour: White (Bianco) Ideal thickness: Up to 5mm (mesh not included)

Please view the documents below for more information on Colbeton.